Anarchy Afterword – Sons of Anarchy After Show with Kurt Sutter

What did you think of the Season 6 premiere? Discuss it with other S.O.A fans below.

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  1. HDnMe says:

    INTENSE! Going to be another great season :-)

  2. April Wyatt says:

    I thought it was awesome, however the end scene with Jax cheating on Tara was not good. Shes in jail because she was trying to help the club and she supported Jax and was totally faithful while he was in prison. Thats pretty crappy on his part. The only reason she wont see him is because she doesnt want him to see her in jail and cause him more pain and guilt. Thsts just who she is.

    • Dawn Johnson says:

      I agree with you completely. I was quite upset with the way it ended. I’m also a little confused as to why Tara attacked that other inmate when her bail hearing was the following day. Kinda hurts her chances.

  3. Dina says:

    I believe the episode was powerfully honest. There are a great deal of moving parts, complicated people, lies and deception. Every time I read someone is upset that Jax sought comfort else where. That somehow Tara can’t face Jax out of some kind of nobility…I think back to the last episode of season 5 when she unilaterally decided to meet with the lawyer and sign custody of the boys over to Wendy. Tara who LIED to Jax about Ottos ominous warning to NOT come back. So like Gemma, she lives with the consequences of marrying a very DANGEROUS man and thinking she could somehow control the situation! I’m deeply concerned with Gemma’s threats to the lawyer- I believe once you threaten the lawyer CONFIDENTIALITY goes bye-bye. The school shooting is John Teller coming back from the grave with Piney & Opie showing us exactly what happens “when you choose wrong” and continue to put guns on the streets ( also excellent – political message there). Jax’s words come back to haunt him on this one… “Tired of being crushed by the weight of greedy men who believe in nothing”… Jax and Nero gave each other an opportunity to take their “end game” out… Shortly after those guns were sold to Nero’s crew- then the school shooting. Clay will hurt more before imminent death. Kurt Sutter has done a beautiful job with his crew twisting Hamlet to a modern day story. His cast & crew… It’s all brilliant. I love watching

  4. mary says:

    This is THE BEST….. Show, EVER!!! Sir Sutter and his Crew of Brilliant Actors….. WoW!!!

  5. Rickie says:

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