Opie Look-A-Likes


Alright, so nobody can even come close to looking like the real Opie. But, hey, you can’t blame a fan for trying. We asked Sons of Anarchy Fans to submit their best look-a-likes and here are the top entries. Be kind in your comments.










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  2. I think #4 is the winner. I think #1 does look like him but not like #4. Wow guy you all looking good here. Opie we miss you bunches. Love sent from TEXAS!!!!!

  3. #1- Is my choice, being that I believe I am the biggest Opie fan in VA.
    #2 – Runner up
    #3 – Also a Runner up…..All three gorgeous men!!!

  4. They are all HOT, but I think #5 looks the most like Opie. Nobody can take the real Opie’s place, though. I fell in love with him from the very first episode. Hated to see him killed. :(

  5. None of these are real close to being as hot as Opie, but maybe #2 is the closest. Im suprised so many picked #4, he’s blond and I just don’t see a resemblance at all! Miss my Opie :(

  6. No one could come close to opie but number 2 has my vote. The things I would….I will just keep that to myself. Sorry.

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  8. #2 and #5!!! It’s hard to decide between them but I think everyone did an awesome job! 2 and 5 was just like looking at pictures of the real deal Opie! GREAT JOB GUYS!

  9. Will you please put up the other photos submitted by #7? I can’t believe the site picked this one of the 4 submitted – what were you thinking?

  10. I like 2 and 3 best. I just wish I could see 2’s eyes. :) I love 3’s allover look, including the ink. :) Very hot guys indeed!

  11. #7 is the best Oppie look-alike. #2 does look like him but I must agree he is way too cute to be the best look-alike. Not that Ryan Hurst isn’t OH so Hott!

  12. Hahahah #1 hands down winner. Bad a$$ and frankly he scares me and I’m 6’6″ 280lbs. I shall call #1, mini-Opie. Hope you win dude!

  13. I think if you could take the hair and beard of #1 and put if with #4’s facial features, it would be damn close..

  14. is everyone blind or even watch the show? #6 is the only photo who resembles opie enough to be a look alike! NUMBER SIX

  15. #1 Not at all
    #2 Maybe a little
    #3 Not at all; just a dude with those goofy earrings that look like big ole holes in ur ears, a beard and black boggin
    #4 Yes
    #5 Yet another just a dude with a beard & black boggin
    #6 None whatsoever
    #7 NONE whatsoever
    #8 Yes

  16. None of them are terribly close, if I had to choose I would say #5, though his hair is a little light for Opie’s. Nobody will ever compare to the real Opie!! <3

  17. #7 – you should see him in person – it’s uncanny – this is not the best picture to see it. He’s been wearing that darn black beany for several years since he was in college in spite of us all telling him to get something new.

  18. Number 2 by far is the best but still nothing like the real deal. The real Opie is sexy as even with his whole grizzly biker look going. Gonna miss the beard now Ryan Hurst got rid of it :(

  19. # 2 def! Most of these guys do look pretty similar to him with his trade mark beanie but I’m still goin with # 2.

  20. Number 4&5(kinda )..but in truth none compare to Ope… Sorry to say it n mean it but truth is truth….none of em got his style or his lips!

  21. Number 1 forsure looks like the best opie look a like. Number 1 & 3 are super cute by the way!!!

          1. Jeff is that you in pic 2? My friend is writing a book and looking for a pic of main character for cover of it. This picture is interesting. Are you tall, short have tattoes? Are you on facebook with other pictures? This sounds weird but it’s true! Her friends are on the look out fir guys that look like the main character’s description.