Abel is Not Going to Die

By James Plouf

The ending of last night’s Episode of Sons of Anarchy made many viewers cry and shriek. It looks like Thomas pulled through the accident. But what about Abel? We watched in the final moments as his limp body dripped blood onto the floor of the car. Is he dead? I don’t think so. And here’s why.


Everything is pointing to a messy custody battle between ‘clean and responsible’ Wendy and Jax and Tara. If Able was out of the picture there would be no reason to bring back his ex-junkie mother. The crash just gives Wendy more motivation and more ammunition to win. Now if Thomas had died in the crash that would be different.

Sons of Anarchy does some crazy shit like kill pregnant women (Episode 6) but I think killing off a toddler in a car crash is not something that they would touch.

Kudos to Katey Sagal (Gemma) for her acting on the episode. She really had me believing she was wasted.


  1. pamela childers says:

    Um learn to spell the charactors names ..it’s Abel..not Able

    1. fogarty says:

      Wow, I did not know that you were the keeper of names on the show.

      1. LNoe says:

        When did a spoiler alert become english and spelling class?

        1. sherri says:

          my god I know???>!!! keep ur stupisd comments to urself..all wer on here for is the show, not to be rude to ppl who spell a damb name wrong…I know my cell adds words for me all the time, so add a comment about the show or take ur ass else were, u look lik an idiot!

          1. Ronnie says:

            I think it’s tough for people to communicate with poor spelling via the internet where we use spelling and language structure to do so. I find it difficult to read other peoples comments when they are not great spellers. Just saying we can all use a little help with grammar and spelling sometimes. (For the record I spelled communicate wrong the first time.)

          2. Christie says:


          3. Amanda says:

            To Christie: lmao!!! Nice…

          4. Scott A. says:

            It is simply attention to detail. With communication becoming increasingly non-verbal more care has to be taken within the text itself. If it is hard to read, it won’t be taken seriously.

            That’s all.

      2. sherri says:

        lol right…petty

      3. Ifnotforgrace says:

        Pam’s own post contains an error-She must be a Calvinist, (pointing out errors making a big deal over details yet not catching her own mistake).

        1. Tammy says:

          good one!!! well put!

      4. Jax Teller says:

        Pamela has a point. You should at least learn to spell the characters names if you are going to devote a website to the show. I mean, c’mon, it’s sloppy not to know that.

    2. Greg A says:

      Um…Learn to spell. It’s CHARACTERS not CHARACTORS. :)

      1. Ron says:

        LOL Greg A

      2. Patricia says:

        Plus, an apostrophe is needed.

        1. Dirtyz Girl says:

          I really don’t thnk that Abel will die bc they wouldn’t have been showing Wendy as much & talking about the custody battle. But I do thnk that Clay has somehow gave Gemma something to interact w her heart medicine bc Clay was looking at their marriage license & reminiscing. I can’t stand him!!!

          1. Deborah says:

            I didn’t about that but it does make sense. She wasn’t that high, she had part of a joint. Next week will be interesting.

          2. Shellz says:

            Clay should have been shot 3 times by now. Hate him

          3. sherri says:

            yes ur right…I didnt think of that…I wish someone would jus kill him already!!

          4. Loretta says:

            Kurt will get rid of Clay about as much as he will get rid of his wife Gemma. It’s just sad the way the show ended, and I agree Kurt really needs to get rid of Clay and let Jax and Tara take the last 2 seasons.

          5. Mary Brown says:

            No doubt, he thinks that if he can’t have her no one can.

          6. Brandon says:

            I dont think she was wasted at all. She looked more like something was happening to her. She smoked part of a joint with Unser which wouldnt make her pass out behind the wheel and it was obviously hrs later and she wouldnt get wasted before picking up her grand kids who shes been trying to spend time with

          7. bgmarx says:

            i can’t stand clay either. if i was gemma i would have beat him in the head the brick by now. he is a evil crazy bastard that desevers to die.

          8. Connie says:

            I think that Gemma wasn’t messed up at all. Yeah sure she smoked, but being a habitual smoker, she is use to driving while high, but she did not have anything to drink. I think she is “losing time” as in she is going to wind up with the same thing her father has. Remember the episode where we first met Nero, and he said she called herself Rose?

          9. JennyG says:

            I think Gemma might have been a little off her game considering the binge drinking the night before, getting robbed, humiliated, and hung over the next day. I don’t think what she smoked with Unser would have affected her driving hours later. Burned out? Undetermined medical condition? I knew something was up when she was packing them into her SUV. I kept hoping one of the members was going with her. Her usual escort Tigg, was with Tara…..

          10. KathyW says:

            Thank you for getting back on the subject. We only saw Gemma smoke half a joint. She was hung over (or maybe still drunk) from the night before, and there’s no telling how much she smoked / drank that we didn’t see. But even if she was only slightly impaired, she should never have endangered her grandchildren by driving them… just shows what shitty judgment she has. I mean, she married Clay!

          11. KathyW says:

            Yeah… whoever said she might be losing it may be right. I sure hate waiting from week to week! And I agree, Clay should die. He won’t, but he should.

          12. kingcobra30132 says:

            it wasnt clay it was nearoo he had gemmas suv in his shop and my spelling is bad hehehe

          13. Wiki Bond says:

            I understood the character Clay has become accursed but Ron Perlman is by far the best actor in the cast.

      3. Mary Franzenburg says:

        LOLOLOLOLOL never underestimate the pettiness of anonymous strangers who have no accountability to their actions!

      4. Judy says:

        Who gives a shit whether someone can spell or not. You probably use spell check.

      5. Tina W says:

        Priceless….Correct the Correcter….or is is Corrector (NOT) in is in her world. Who invited the spellin` teacher any way!!!! lol… Going to get one of my frozen Margarita’s out now…

        1. moikea says:

          Sutter should write an episode where they kill a grammar nazi

    3. Al says:

      I think someone else needs to learn how to spell. It’s charactEr not charactOr.

      1. Tammy says:

        Who the hell cares? are you really THAT Anal? get bent people and get over this isn;t a spelling bee any comments please direct to http://www.couldcareless.com keyword:bite me

        1. ElcyIL says:

          Actually, the saying is “Couldn’t care less”, if you “Could care less”, well… you COULD care less. To imply that you actually cared the least that you could possibly care, you would say COULDN’T care less.

      2. Tammy says:

        Who the hell cares? are you really THAT Anal? get bent people and get over this is int a spelling bee I do hope you arent like that in person I might have to go off on you!!!

    4. Kim says:

      Well that’s kind of rude…considering you can’t spell characters, lol.

    5. stef says:

      You can’t possibly be serious with your comment??? Not only did YOU not use a comma after ‘um’ and only use two periods instead of the correct THREE between your words, YOU SPELLED ‘CHARACTERS’ WRONG AND DIDN’T USE AN APOSTROPHE IN THE WORD! WOW. You have a hell of a lot of nerve ripping into someone else when you can’t even put a sentence together correctly!

      1. Hillary says:


        1. andy says:

          how old are we ! just saying.

    6. Shell says:

      Pam, why would you post a note like this? Do you have any idea how hard people work on websites, their profession? Correcting someone in a blog comment is just mean spirited. I am seriously sending this NOT to be mean spirited but in hopes it will actually make you think for a moment and not call someone out on a blog for something so petty like a typo. I am a huge advocate for humans supporting each other in business and life and the anti-bully campaign.
      By the way, if you really want to correct someone for a typo on a blog comment, then your comment should be constructed correctly and spelled correctly. You missed a comma, periods, and misspelled “characters”, its “ers” not “ors”.

      It should have been: Um, learn to spell the character’s names. It’s Abel, not Able.

      1. Patricia says:

        “Names” is plural. It would be characters’ names.

      2. Tiffany says:

        I agree with you. Think everyone should think before, they speap. STOP THE BULLING……

    7. Meg says:

      learn to spell character

    8. D says:

      YEAH cause that matters! lol!

    9. D says:

      Everybody worried about how to spell!! WHAT ABOUT ABEL??? Able …ABEAL…Abull!!! lol

    10. TxFeather says:

      I don’t think Tara kills Gemma…. if anything Jax will cause Tara told Henna she wouldn’t kill her but her husband might.

    11. Elena says:

      Learn how to spell character. U can’t bitch about someone’s spelling when you clearly can’t spell either.

    12. Pamela B says:

      FRICKIN roaring,,,,you have a severe ‘UM’ problem,,,!!!!!!! I thought leaving comments or even writing them were to EVERYONE’S DISCRETION!!!!…….THIS IS THE SHOW S.O.A. AND you are really so concerned about how someone is SPELLING,,,rather than comment ON THE SHOW!!!!! Well at least I hope you are HAPPY ( which I am pretty sure you are not)….
      Okay I watched “LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE” and for me honestly, I am confused on how they twisted “Jemma’s” personality,,(etc..),,when it came time for her to care for the grandkids….I just cannot see her while after apologizing to Jax herself for embarassing him and the club…..I am thrown for a loop on this,,,because at no cost what so ever, would I have ever thought ‘JEMMA’ would ever endanger her grandkids—–EVER….IT JUST DOESN’T FIT!!!!!!!!!! She has been portrayed as a person with a severe drinking problem and much more,,,,BUT NOT ONCE THROUGHOUT any season in my opinion has ‘JEMMA’ ever been portrayed as A PERSON who endanger her grandkids….IT WOULD BE EXPECTED for Jemma to DEMAND one of the members to drive her…………?????????? The Characters are twisting FAST,,,,,I like it, when what I WOULD EXPECT,,,becomes something other then………THIS SHOW NEEDS RECOGNITION @ THE AWARDS…………………….wtg S.O.A.

      1. Brentosa says:

        “Um learn to spell the charactors names ..it’s Abel..not Able” says Pamela B

        Then she says…

        “THIS IS THE SHOW S.O.A. AND you are really so concerned about how someone is SPELLING,,,rather than comment ON THE SHOW!!!!!”

        Pamela, YOU started this by correcting the SPELLING of Abel. At not point in your first comment did you talk about the show.

        1. Jessica says:

          If you re-check… the first person that made the comment was Pamela Childers… NOT Pamela B…. Maybe you sould double check from now on before you go off on someone who didnt start the blog originally.

          1. WhoCares says:

            Are you all 12 year olds here !? Seriously.

        2. ChristyG5 says:

          WHO THE FUCK CARES HOW ABEL WAS SPELLED??????? Grow up! If that mistake kept you from being able to comprehend the blog about SOA, go fuck yourself!!! The comments are for the purpose of the fans commenting or debating the episodes, not a spelling test. I was completely blown away about the wreck at the end and I agree, why bring Wendy back if the kid gets killed. Clay seems capable of anything! I don’t care who, I just wish someone would kill his ass!

          1. Roberta says:

            Thank god some finally said something i mean really this is fir comments about the show and debating not a spelling test. I started crying and had to leave the toom before it happened bc i just knew something bad was gonna happen. I hope abel is ok. Will someone else please tell me he is ok.

      2. Shellz says:

        Agreed! She was smoking a lot of pot with the ex sheriff

        1. ChristyG5 says:

          A joint or three is far from a lot for a habitual pot smoker unless you just smoked a 1/4 of primo hydro, what she smoked with Wayne, is FAR from ” a lot”. Something else either medically or underhanded stunt by Clay was in play there.

      3. Michele says:

        I totally agree with you! There is NO way Gemma would ever do anything to harm her grandkids. Also, they showed her smoking pot and that is how she is suppose to so beyond wasted???? She has been smoking pot for YEARS at least 5 seasons (lol) and she would have had to smoke like a pound for her tolerance level to be so f’ed up she would crash. IT was just absolutely a stupid turn for the character to take and totally unbelievable.

        I’m not spell checking!

      4. Josh says:

        well none the less Jax should just put a bullet in Clay and Jemma’s head and be done with them both

    13. kev says:

      hey pam, read the script yo, kurt sutter knew that a boys name should be spelled abel.. and so does everyone else, BUT, kurt sutter also exclaimed that he didnt want to stick with the origonality of names. Example; Its not “tera” its “tara” and its not Jakcs (short for jackson) its jax short for Jaxon.. and the baby, isnt thomas, its tomas, and as i just exclaimed earlier its not Abel, its able as in jax will be Able to pull through anything that is thrown his way.. subliminal messaging.. kurt sutter did it for a reason

      1. Randi says:

        I’m a huge fan and I never knew any of that. Thanks for sharing!

      2. twicks83 says:

        Jax’s tattoo says Abel.

        1. lsimp79 says:

          You’re right his tattoo says Abel and so does the ‘ABEL’ on the wall in his room. Just shows we are all human and capable of making mistakes!

        2. nanny61 says:

          So do the letters onhis nursery wall-by the way

      3. nanny61 says:

        Very interesting! Thanks!

    14. Bobbi Sue says:

      Really? If you look they spell his name Able.

    15. dana says:

      YEA…it is character…awkward…

    16. Shelly says:

      You guy’s are hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO I am just glad the child is not going to die if that is true! And could give a shit about spelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ed Abrams says:


        1. Connie says:


      2. Patricia says:

        I don’t know half the names let alone know how to spell them, I just like the show and hope the baby is ok. Does any one think Gemma is dead? As much as we all would like to see Clay get his he has to keep mess going for the season. Where did the Blacks come from who shot at Jax on the road, did Clay hire them too? I LOVE THIS SHOW

        1. ChristyG5 says:

          Of course the black guys were sent by Clay, in my opinion. He is responsible for the death of 2club members and the sherriff’s wife and un-born child, he is trying his best to make heads turn any way but his. The driver was white, I’m pretty sure.

        2. Amy says:

          If you looked at the branch it was coming at a downward angle from the front of the truck, and the blood was dripping down the branch. Now we all know that blood can’t run up the branch, so wouldn’t that point to Gemma being hurt and bleeding not Able? Just a lil detail I noticed.

    17. Reaper24 says:

      Learn how to spell ‘characters’

    18. Cindy says:

      And CHARACTER is not spelled CHARACTOR either

    19. James says:

      Before you decide to criticize somebody for spelling a name that CAN be spelled either way, you should take the time and look up the correct way to spell “Character”

    20. Bru says:

      It’s anal…not anal. Who cares?? Either you’re a fan…or you’re not. quit nitpicking.

    21. Jeanie says:

      Are you serious?!?!?!?! First of all, this is about last nights episode, not about spelling and grammar . And second of all, make sure you can spell before you try to correct the spelling of others. I believe the correct spelling is *CHARACTERS* not *CHARACTORS* Now that I got that out of my system, Does anyone have a clue who the snitch is? I’m stumped on that one.

      1. Lisa says:

        It’s Juice. He was working with that wierd US attorney that was trying to build a RICO case against SAMCRO. He blackmailed him into it by threatening to tell the club his dad is black…which the club would not allow a bi-racial member…it’s in the bylaws. And the penalty for withholding the information when he knew would be death…..so he cooperated and was just about to get caught when the “cartel” (FEDS) pulled the RICO case because it was interfering with the National Security ARMS trafficking ring they are trying to bust. They don’t want SAMCRO….they want the Irish. Jax has to facilitate the deal between the feds “cartel” and the Irish to avoid the whole club going down for the RICO case and the Irish won’t deal with anyone but Clay…..that’s why Jax had to let Clay live for the moment. Make SENSE?? Back to the Jemma thing…..I think that some how, some way…..she was slipped something. She’s loyal to Jax and her grandkids…things with Jax and Tara were on the mend….I don’t see it in her,however, Clay could be up to no good somehow. He’s twisted over going down for JT’s death alone when she was involved too. Maybe he’s trying to hit her where it hurts…..and turn Jax and Tara against her forever……I guess it will all unfold. The baby is not dead, but he will reqire something that only Wendy will be able to give him. Then she will use the fact that she has turned her life around AND saved the baby’s life while Jax’s lifestyle continues to endanger it to fight for custody. Wait and see…..Tara will have to humble herself to ask Wendy for her help. Ironic how they took the most innocent person on the show and used events to make her the hardest. Tara’s gonna end up being one ruthless cold hearted bitch that will go to any lengths to protect her man and her family…..only difference between her and Jemma is she will be LOYAL to her man….to the end.

        1. nanny61 says:

          I don’t see Wendy -hope that’s how she spells it Lol-coming back as a permenant cast member. I think Doc Tara may somehow save the day as she has so many times before.. We’ll just have to watch!! I’m stil mad they killed off Opie!!!

        2. Pamela says:

          To all of this statement, I agree!! Juice was a little odd last night and as of late… He’s way loyal to Clay, hate him (Clay), and it was really odd that she was so wasted after a joint…Did you notice how the big guy, can’t remember his name, was looking in the Escalade as she was gettin in to leave…

          1. Kathy says:

            The big guy is Filthy Phil.

        3. Evian says:

          Thank you ,Lisa , for that synopsis. I have to agree with you on all points ! Thanks for staying on task also. I love SOA . I’m a biker and enjoy the fiction with some truth thrown in !

    22. Ifnotforgrace says:

      Well-that makes all the difference… (I can spell, but I’m a very poor typist)

    23. NOWAYTODAY says:

      I think Sherri should spend less time watching TV and should go back to school for a class on spelling. Spelling not rocket science! Doesn’t everybody have spell check nowadays????

    24. Lola says:

      its character not charactor.. just throwing that out there.

    25. Noel says:

      Pot dont do that she had to be on something else as well.. Keep Real Please

    26. adam says:

      I would be surprised if Abel is dead. I think this seen was to drive jax and gemma and tara further from each other. The whole show would have to stop due to his funeral, jax’s grieving. Remember how he couldnt even get out of bed when Abel was kidnapped. It makes way more sense to injure him at the hands of gemma. Wendy can come looking for custody, tara will tell jax the truth about the letters and her involement in john’s death. aside from all that im one of SOA’s biggest fans. I read these posts in which everyone is saying “icould die” if juice is killed and people will say they will stop watching. Are you kidding me. For starters he killed a patched member then lied about it to everyone. He should be dead for that alone. He would be dead in the real world faster.Second he’s a rat . Again he should be killed. Third he always looks like hes gunna cry. he needs to go.now if you were contemplating stopping watching the show because of a death i could understand opie’s. He never got the revenge he deserved. clay destroyed his life and his character jus seems unfinished. i was also thinking the black guy that shot up chibbs and jax i dont believe was hired by pope but by maybe clay. Remember how clay went talking to opie and told him the boys were turning themselves in. 1 day later he’s dead. if clay didnt come there opie is still alive. clay is a way bigger then we can imagine im all this im guessing .

    27. clover says:

      How about spelling character correctly before becoming the spelling police.

      1. finley says:

        Well as you can see, the person above you spelled Gemma wrong, see we all make mistakes. let’s get back to the story.

    28. Amanda Orsefski says:

      I agree, Jax even has it tattooed on his chest….duh!!!

    29. Jackie says:

      Um…learn how to spell characters moron.

    30. Siarra says:

      Ummm, since you are so anal … learn how to spell CharactER 😛

    31. kay mitchell says:

      characters…..not charactors…everybody needs a spellcheck

  2. Wylde Bill says:

    Not so sure about that… Jax has been walking in his daddy’s shoes for a bit…. trying to do it his way in the process…. I think this could throw him into the exact situation his father had been in…. Kurt throws some twists in and who knows… Wendy just may kill Jemma and become another huge antithisis of the club.

    1. Edith says:

      Now that is an angle I had not thought of, but, I can see it going down.

    2. Babygurl says:

      A friend of mine and I thought about Abel dying. We were both in tears at the end of the show. The plot thickens and yes, I think you are absolutely correct in your assumption that Abel dies. I do agree that it is a possibility. The quote in the show, that I didn’t miss, but maybe some others did, was when Tara says to Gemma “I trust you’ll keep them safe”. That for me was the moment I knew something was up. The roles are turning and with Abel not around Wendy will still be in the picture, whether it’s to fight Jax and Tara for custody or to kill Gemma for the death of her son. Either way she still has a role in the process no matter which way you cut it. My prediction: Abel dies, Wendy goes after Gemma. Jax or Tara kill Wendy OR Abel lives, Wendy gets custody of both boys, the tables might turn on Jax and Tara.

      1. SOAFREAK says:


        1. ChristyG5 says:

          Wendy gaining custody of both boys is absurd!!! She has no jurisdiction over Thomas. I think Abel lives, Gemma is charged with a DUI, Wendy now has basis to start a custody battle over Abel, and Tara get completely medieval on her ass!

      2. lee briggs says:

        great story line you have there,but one thing,wendy can’t get both boys’,only abel is hers,thomas is tara and jax’s son

        1. mimi says:

          I have heard of un-related adults getting custody of the sibling of the child that they are related to. The boys are related and should stay together. I don’t think this is going to happen.

      3. mike says:

        how will wendy get custody of both boys when the one has nothing to even do with her… not her kid

      4. i agree with you on some of this but man has this season threw me for a loop. i just don’t think they will let abel go cause they went through so much to get him back after he was kidnapped. this thing could go either way ya know but this season by far has had me on the edge. to me it looked like where jax and fellow son got shot at and where gemma had the wreck are mighty close together i wonder if maybe somehow they will stumble upon gemma and the boys. until next week happy watching.

      5. Cindy L says:

        Wendy cannot get custody of Thomas. Thomas is not her son, only Abel is. The rest of your theory seems plausible, but with Kurt Sutter, one never knows what to expect.

    3. Those were my thoughts too….that history will repeat itself & they did make it look like Abel was dead. But I just don’t know where things would go with that type of tragedy. Tara might loose her mind :( And how much more suffering can Jax take & keep it all together. He is trying so hard to get them all out of this f***ing mess!! Tara & Jax were going to the cabin to bond & they need that now more than ever. Remember what happened when Abel got kidnapped??? Jax & Tara live for those babies! I think Abel will pull through, Tara will help to save his life even with her injured hand…Jax & Tara will realize Gemma really needs some help & send her to off to rehab w/ Wendy’s help….but that is only what I hope for & I’m truly a dreamer…I don’t doubt there will be more pain & misery so we’ll just have to wait…a WHOLE WEEK!!! I’m heartbroken….so Kurt…please don’t let Abel die :/ Oh & someone said that Clay may have drugged Gemma…that was my suspicion too. I truly hope it will all come down on Clay soon because that man is making my blood boil!!
      I LOVE this show as heart wrenching as it is…& I love all the fans…it’s awesome that something like this could bring us all together <3

      1. Freddie says:

        The highlights for next week showed the Sheriff with the dead wife and baby talking to Jax about giving him the one responsible and he would tell him who was ratting to the Feds??? Also, Clay asking Juice what he did & then a Son on his knees with a gun to his head…was it Clay?? The other one breaking into houses and kicking people’s asses?? Also, what is going to happen to Juice when the Sheriff turns him in as the rat to the club??
        On another note, if we are gonna come here and talk about the show, we should avoid bullying people for whatever reason, spelling, grammer, comments…it is just mean and reminds me of being in high school again. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

        1. Olivia says:

          Chibs is the one on his knees with a gun to his head nit sure why but it is….chibs is only one that wears a black leather jacket under his cut….

      2. ChristyG5 says:

        I think the fat guy, Phil I think, is in Clays pocket and the rat at the table. He was there and seemed to know that Gemma was in a altered state of mind. Also that guy is always around, but never has any real big part in anything. Kurt hasn’t went thru the pains of letting us really get to know he like he has with the other characters. That guy just seems a bit out of place. I think Juice is going to go to Jax with the dirt he has on Clay. He knows Clay is dirty and seems deeply torn over what to do with what he knows. I’ve watched this show since the pilot episode and Kurt still throws me for a loop damn near every week!!! I hope this show never ends!!!!

  3. correjck says:

    I thought it was Gemma’s blood that was dripping!!!! In the coming attractions for next week there was absolutely nothing about Gemma, the boys or Tara and Jax was all business. Gemma’s in some deep doo doo now……can’t believe she put those boyz in jeopardy…..and who in the hell shot up Jax and whatever his name is….???

    1. Rob says:

      I think those guys were,hired by Clay,they’re probably niners,and I think that was Gemmas blood too.

      1. ChristinaE says:

        Jemma was slumped forward in the drivers seat, so how could the blood that was dripping in the back seat be from her. The tree came in the front passengers side and came out right where Able was sitting in the back. Makes more sense that it is his blood not Jemmas’.

      2. ChristyG5 says:

        The name of the episode is “Toads Wild Ride”, and if you notice, Abel has that stuffed frog with him thru the entire episode, hence the title. That was definitely Abel’s blood.

    2. rebecca says:

      the Irishman is “Chips”

      1. Penny says:

        It is Chibs.

        1. Susanne says:

          His “real” name is Timmy

      2. Tia says:

        chibs is not irish he is scotish

        1. Amelia says:

          Chibs is Irish, as is Tommy Flanagan who plays the c-h-a-r-a-c-t-e-r (correct sp I believe?)

          1. Tim says:

            No, Chibs is scottish, as is Tommy Flanagan

          2. John V says:

            Tommy Flanagan (born 3 July 1965) is a Scottish film and television actor born in Glasgow, Scotland.

    3. Sunshyne says:

      whatever his name is???? LOL Really? That is Chibs. :-) Sorry. when you are addicted like me, you know everyone’s names.

    4. Jackie says:

      I totally agree with you. I don’t think Jax would be dealing with Pope if his son had just died.

      1. T-Bag says:

        The driver in the van is the other nomad. The black guy was used to make everyone think it was Pope and the Niner’s.

    5. rose says:

      That’s my question! Who were those guys? Why were the boys not protected and why would Gemma get loaded when she put out her joint?

    6. Jesus says:

      I agree, the blood was coming from the front drivers seat.

    7. diane says:

      its also a good possibility that it wasnt blood that was dripping, it could have been the juice box that abel was holding.

      1. finley says:

        I agree! Kurt is a F@$%&* FANTASTIC WRITER!!! With him anything is possable.

  4. LADYMATIKA says:

    those guys are in real deep shit for letting her get in that car like she was
    they saw how she was acting they could of said hey jemma let us drive you
    but they didn’t so when Jax finds out how waisted she was and they let her drive that way
    there is gonna be hell to pay .

    1. Lin says:

      You are so right, He just stood there and let her get under the wheel with this babies!!!! Tara will break bad on Gemma!!!

    2. Mindy says:

      Well, everyone except Gemma had an escort that night. Jax, Tara, and why did Gemma go alone, where was her escort?

  5. RON REED says:

    one comment………do not kill off the little boy!!!!

  6. Jfa says:

    The kid dies … Tara kills Gemma.

  7. Suzzieq says:

    I could have written that script I knew Jemma was going to Mess Up Love Her but the whole show getting Dump Someone need to Beat the Crap out of Clay he can get away with Murder but no one else can

  8. Tam says:

    I think it would be very messed up killing off Abel. Killing off Opie was bad enough! But I can see Abel dying after the conversation between Gemma and Jax about when her other son died. I will still watch the show because I love it, but they need to tread lightly on who they are killing off!

    1. Jeremy says:

      That is exactly the view I am seeing. Jaxs’ older brother Thomas died and it made Jax who he is and now the oldest of Jax kids. Not that that is what I would like to see. I think that Gemma should be the one bleeding and that Abel is just unconscious.

    2. T-Bag says:

      Here’s a thought. Abel doesn’t die. He remains on life support for rest of season or becomes severely handicapped like Nero’s boy. It gives Had and Tara an out for when the series is over. They all live happily ever after on Nero’s fantasy farm.

    3. Lisa says:

      If Abel dies then Tara will kill Jemma and Wendy will relapse.

  9. Pam says:

    What I don’t understand, is, what was Gemma wasted on? She, and Uncer, only took a couple of hits off the joint, they showed her put it out half way before she left to pick up the kids. The effects would have worn down by the time she got there, and I don’t think she was drinking, at least I didn’t see her drink anything, but if that was the case, why did the Probie let her drive, he knew something was wrong with her, and knows he’s going to be in a lot of trouble if anything happens. Plus, isn’t someone supposed to be on watch for the kids because of all of the home invasions, so why did they let Gemma leave alone with them?

    1. Ron king says:

      I thought the same thing! Looked like she was drugged not high..

      1. rose says:

        Now that’s a good point!

    2. SOAFREAK says:


    3. Cindy L says:

      Phil, just for the record, is no longer a prospect, but a voting member. He did seem to notice something was up with Gemma. I was really surprised he didn’t offer to “help” her with the kids. He is always so good with the kids when you see them together. This might blow back on him, and he should get a smack upside his head for being stupid, but is he really going to questions the club president’s mother???

    4. Loretta says:

      I think Gemma had a heart attack

      1. Brandon says:

        Thats exactly what Im thinkin too. She smoked half a joint hrs before, it was daylight then and dark when she crashed and she may be a little screwed up this season but she wants to spend time with her grandbabies and wouldnt screw up when she finally gets the chance.

      2. Connie says:

        It would be a stroke that would cause her to pass out like that, not a heart attack. A heart attack would cause chest pain. Stroke is what causes brain damage. And I don’t think it was a heart attack, I think she’s getting dementia like her dad and she’s “losing time” and was having another episode. She’s already woken up somewhere she didn’t remember going twice, and the first time she apparently called herself Rose.

        1. Rose says:

          Sorry Connie, but you can simply pass out from heart issues. I watched my father in law do this exact thing a few weeks before he died. He fell to the side and then slide off his chair. We were sitting there having lunch at the time. Paramedics were called and he was taken to the hospital. It was his heart.
          I hope I spelled everything cprrectly!!

      3. finley says:

        NO! I’m a nurse, and she just fell a sleep at the wheel,drugs, or no drugs.

    5. Miller says:

      I was under the impression that Gemma started falling asleep at the wheel & may not have realized she was that tired when she got behind the wheel. One of those, I “think” I’m awake enough to make it home scenario’s b/c I don’t believe Gemma would ever intentionally hurt her grand babies which is why I believe she was NOT under the influence of anything. As for whom they may or may not kill off, I believe they will all live but maybe with alterations to their body or lives for that matter with it being such a horrific accident. But with Jax getting shot at, will Gemma play it off like someone tried to run her off the road in a possible attempt on her and the babies which in turn, would heat stuff up between the different groups. So many scenario’s.

      1. rose says:

        good points

      2. Angel says:

        OMG I had never once given thought to that. What if she does do that? That would fuck so much shit up for the club because Jax would never work with someone who intentionally tried to kill his kids.

        1. Joan says:

          To reach your end game, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Example: Jax is dealing with Clay (to make his end game work), even after Clay tried to kill Tara, and is responsible ultimately for the deaths of Donna, Piney and even Opie (by way of telling him to stand by Jax, wherein Opie went to jail)….
          There’s no telling what’s in store…

      3. gypsarella says:

        Gemma had been smoking because the opportunity to babysit the boys was a last minute decision she wasn’t gonna turn down. It wasn’t aheart attack or she would be clutching her jaw, arm, or chest and short of breath and profuse sweating. She was just drowsy and weaving. She would automatically have her blood drawn in the ER, so the truth will come out. This is how Wendy will be able to come back into the picture, much to Tara’s dismay.

        I thought Frankie took off in a red car, otherwise I would think he was the driver of the shooter of Jax and Chibs out of anger and vengence at Clay killing his buds. Otherwise, it’s more of Clay’s doings to prove the Niners are behind all the break-ins to get suspicion off of him.

        1. Carolyn l says:

          I think it was Juice driving the Van trying to bail out Clay. I realize that Bike Clubs have alot of blood spill however almost one a week is getting old. I hope that they don’t kill off Gemma or Abel and they aren’t going to Kill Clay off yet, too many people love to hate him. We all watch just hoping that he’s going to get his. Jax’s should let his mom have Jimmy Smits and maybe she would straighten up, I would.

          1. finley says:

            I think so too! Juice was driving, because Jax’s and Chibs would be dead from thoughs shots.

      4. Mandy says:

        That was my thought .

    6. lee briggs says:

      the fat guy with glasses is now a full patched member.he is in the room at the table,and has a vote.prospects don’t get that.

  10. Tony says:

    I love the show but the plot contrivances are getting rather absurd. Gemma wasted after smoking a blunt hours before? Come on Sutter; that is bogus and everyone knows it. It is not even consistent with the character. While Gemma is fighting demons, she still would never put her g-kids at risk…We don’t want the show to become a cartoon or a parody of itself.

    1. Rob says:

      I think that there might be something else wrong with gemma,it,s not as obvious as you think,she could be having problems with her heart again,or she had a stroke.

      1. moikea says:

        a stroke would put gemma back in sympathy and if she played off its effects to seem worse than they are she could use it to pull jax back in her and clay are alot alike after all

    2. Jackie says:

      Thank You so right

    3. Nicki says:

      I agree Tony, 100%. The story line is getting of course and much to far fetched for me. Small children getting injured or killed is where I draw the line in continuing to watch the show!

    4. vettech says:

      Agreed… Too soap-opera-ish.

  11. vallegirl says:

    Wow, Jax’s current dilemma with his mom just goes to show no matter how much you love your child(ren), unless you model proper behavior, then you’re creating dysfunctionality. They are not “NORMAL” people. Will Jax face the same issues when his children grow up, would they want him to babysit their children???

  12. Wylde Bill says:


  13. David says:

    Abel’s eyes were blinking and the blood was too far forward for it to be his. Gemma probably just got cut and that’s what was dripping. Can’t tell me I’m wrong because you have no idea what’s happened either. Lol. Either way this season just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Can’t wait to see what happens to Gemma. She’s a loose cannon now.

    1. Alicia says:

      Agreed! Its either this or they have Abel exit the show so Wendy and Tara can go psycho..

    2. Angela says:

      I agree the blood was not near Abel and I think if was coming from Gemma. She is going to be in deep s**t with Jax and Tara when they find out and who is going to find them?

      1. ChristyG5 says:

        Didn’t u guys see the huge tree limb that went thru the car ending up in a perfect position for Abel to have smacked his head on it during the whiplash effect when the truck stopped. Also he had blood on his head before the camera panned down to the frog, which was in the back seat with Abel and Gemma was laid over the stearing wheel, far out of reach from being able to drip blood on the frog. In actuality, head wounds of any kind bleed profusely.

  14. Angie says:

    I agree with both Wylde Bill and Jfa on their comments. Although, I think this will just bring Terra and Wendy closer and they team up together to kill Gemma. I just couldn’t believe the show would even put those babies in danger. I have to admit I do believe that last nights episode one probably the best one of all the seasons. I have never yelled at my tv that much before lol. And yes, the guy that was right there with Gemma last night when she was getting into the car should’ve stopped her and drove her home. Can’t wait to see what will happen to him once Jax finds out he let his mom drive when he looked suspicious of her. Uggggh can’t wait till next week!

  15. dawnknightgerome says:

    Who cares bout spellin ??????

    1. rose says:

      Really! LOL

  16. Amy says:

    Why didn’t Jax send someone to follow his boys home to be sure they got home safely… instead sent people to follow Tara even though he would soon be there with her. I guess then we wouldn’t have a good story. Also, who set up the shooting on Jax???

  17. keri says:

    I think Jax will snap on next week episode!!!! I also think Wendy needs to step away and leave Abel and Tara and Jax alone let them be!!!! I love this show and its getting intense to watch!!!

  18. Krista says:

    I don’t think gemma was jacked up, her eyes were open and she appeared to be having a heart problem going on, remember she has a heart problem, I think she will come to and save abels life!

  19. rocky says:

    Gemma is going to hear it big time from jack and Tara, clay needs to be killed off cause he is going to get the whole club killed or shot up, I can’t wait till next week.

  20. olga fields says:

    ok im really hoping that gemma wasnt wasted because the person above is right she only smoke a half of joint im hoping that it had to do something with her heart maybe she was having a heart attack or something come on kurt you have had so much shit going on when is there going to be a happy eps like there have been in the past were the club comes together im really hoping she was not drunk or high because last night it really seemed like gemma and jax connected again

  21. ashley spencer says:

    I love this show but if they kill able idk that might be a deal breaker to me watching it that’s a bit to much that has happened to that poor little boy:/

  22. shay says:

    gott a agree with Tony……a lil far fetched to believe that one, Gemma would EVER jepordize the kids and two, she’d be wasted after smoking……as a die hard I’d like to see some consistency with the plot there are sooo many other ways to keep us on our seats and wanting more although I must say I knew SOMETHING was gonna happen with Gemma I didn’t think it would be this absurd1!!! And to whoever is doing all the bitchin about the grammar errors beat feet…..we’re here to read about the show!!!! <3 SAMCRO <3

  23. Stacy says:

    I’m not sure if Gemma was wasted or not….with all that she has been going through lately it could of been her heart problems…….And if that;s the case Jax wouldn’t be all murderous towards her……But, the way this season has been going who knows…..I hope she wasn’t drunk or jax and her will never get past it…..

  24. Tiffany says:

    My question exactly!!! I didn’t understand that one bit!!! I hope Kurt doesn’t go as far as to remove Abel from the show… what age was it that Thomas died? Either way… Gemma is digging her hole deeper and deeper… or perhaps I should just say she’s digging her own grave… another fantastic episode Kurt Sutter, amazing warped brilliant mind you have.

  25. anonymous says:

    They did a spin around of the wreck.. Abel was sitting behind gemma ( He was knocked out and sitting forward ) The other baby was facing backwards and crying! The blood dripping could be from something that penetrated gemma, or at very least Abel’s leg! But I would hate too see something severe happen too Abel.. (kid has been through enough) but after seeing what happened too Opie, who knows! This is most definitely gonna gonna add some fuel too Wendy’s fire but her teaming up with Tara too kill gemma, I don’t know.. Tara will definitely take some kind of action! we’ll see next week.. They really left the next episode in the air with the preview!!

  26. Hidee says:

    What if Clay drugged Gemma before she got in the car. It really looked like she was drugged. Also, the fact that at the end Clay was looking at what looked like Gemma and his marriage license. Clay is sabotaging everyone else, why not her and Jax’s kids?

    1. Alicia says:

      Good point but when was he near enough to drug her? I don’t remember..

    2. Fabiana says:

      I also agree. Great point. Remember he asked to stop by her home to “look” over things? He might have slipped something in her drink. Look at the measures he’s taking to make sure the club, under Jax, falls apart? He’s been on this personal vendetta for a while. Seems like he’s grasping at straws or just plotting his moves the way he did with John. (Jaxs’ dad)

    3. Bella says:

      I totally agree- Clay drugged her!

    4. sdjudy11 says:

      yes he did say that whoever it was was after everyone they love. He will have to make his words true…..

    5. Raydarlov says:

      I know you can’t put nothing past Clay, but would he really risk killing a kid? He only seems to kill mostly those who wrong him.

      1. Lisa says:

        BALONEY!! He kills whoever gets in his way. John Tiller!! Was blocking the guns deal that Clay wanted not to mention he was married to the woman Clay wanted. Tried to kill Tara to keep her from exposing his role in JT’s death. Killed Opie’s dad for trying to tell Jax the truth about JT’s death. Was going to kill the old retired sherriff because he suspected he was onto him being behind the home invasions. He has a plan to take the table back and will kill whoever gets in his way. Jemma isn’t “with him” anymore so that means she is “against him,” You can’t ignore the comment that “whoever is trying to burn the table is trying to set fire to everything and everyone WE love.” He was speaking to Jax and trying to figure a way to deflect all the blame from the home invasions to the NOMADS. That’s why he let the sherriff live, because he knew everyone was suspicious of him and by helping to defend the old man, he was hoping to deflect the suspicions of him and pin it all on the NOMADS. That’s the only way that he would be able to convince SAMCRO that he wasn’t involved. He knew the DNA would come back on the NOMADS so he used them to make himself look innocent and get rid of the only people who know for sure that he isn’t. He didn’t anticipate the “Frankie” hanging back to be lookout. By them catching the NOMADS in the act with the scratch from the cops wife and their masks, that speaks for itself, but by having Juice witness his “hero” move, he has a witness that he defended the club. Yep…..the body count for Clay is not slowing down to say the least, and the only wrong that the NOMADS did was work with Clay to help him regain control of the club……but they knew too much. Clay is all about protecting Clay no matter what or who he has to sacrifice. They are all just casualties……so be it. It’s all a chess game….moves and counter moves. You have to be four moves ahead of your opponent at all times. And every SINGLE move has a PURPOSE to bring means to an end. Until next week…..CHECKMATE!

  27. Alicia says:

    Great point, but here’s mine. She could be back just as another person that wreaks havoc on the club. If Abel passes, she’ll have no reason to be clean, working-and-doing-better-things-with-my-life mommy, she’ll want Tara / Gemma to suffer.. Tara hasn’t had much action this season, so it would make sense. Just my two-cents :)

    1. Lisa says:

      I agree….nothing like losing a child to send your reasons for recovery right out the window. Anything to make the pain go away……she will definitely self medicate. But then he might be alive and hurt badly. Then Wendy will be the only one that can give him whatever it is he needs, but she’ll be dirty already and Tara will have to help Wendy detox so that she can donate some organ to save Abel’s life. But someone or something is trying to make Jax distrust his mother. I think there was an unseen angle. with Clay. He had a hand in Jemma’s wreck somehow. No matter WHAT Jemma SAYS…..it STILL looks like she f….’d up to Jax and to Tara. Then Jemma will bottom out and Clay will take advantage of that and talk her into coming back to him….she will agree because she will think that no one else in the world loves her, but Nero cares more for Jemma that he lets anyone know and watching her demise will be painful enough to him that he will find the proof that he needs to convince Jax of her innocence and he will save their relationship so Jax will then accept that Nero loves his mom and Jemma will admit she loves NERO and Jax and Nero will kill Clay to celebrate Nero and Jemma’s wedding.

  28. punkfarie says:

    They only showed Gemma and Unser taking a few hits, we don’t know how much time passed or how much more they might have smoked between that scene and when Gemma came to get the kids. It’s been clearly shown in this season that Gemma has been getting wasted to the point of passing out and not remembering things.

    1. sdjudy11 says:

      the cops were right in front of them…??

    2. dean says:

      Well it was 1 joint we saw during the day then she drove to the club then it was night time when she got the kids. You must not be an avid smoker like her if you were you’d know the pot wasn’t the problem it was something else

  29. Lindaf says:

    I do not think that they will kill off Abel’s character since his mom is going to use this to try to get him back ( the accident), this is going to be another drama for Gem a, she has to come up with some excuse why it happened in the first place and (I forgot his name), saw her fumble with the seat belt before she left with the kids. I love this show….. :-)

  30. SarahV says:

    I think Abel may die. Gemma had just had a conversation about the added pressures she put on Jax as a child to compensate for Thomas’ death. I think that may have been some foreshadowing.

  31. synister says:

    Even though she was hung over & stoned,I’m goin with heart trouble. That makes Jax walk the thin line with Gemma, I think it was Abel’s blood, so he’s dead. Jax will be there too much for Wendy,Tara will get really mad,take the other kid from Jax and by the end of it all another “chick fight” Guys love chick fights. I hope I spelled everything right and used the correct grammer so I don’t upset those of you who do not get the point of all this.

  32. Ms.Goody says:

    With Gemma, I think it was more a case of her getting sleepy at the wheel… She turned up the music loud and was trying to get some air. What I can’t figure out is why there wasn’t a club member with her or following. Also, why does it appear that the trucker in the incident just kept going? I still think Clay will try to do in Unser.

  33. anonymous says:

    I thought it was Gemma’s blood as well. And I don’t think she was wasted. I don’t think she would have jeopardized her role in her grandsons’ lives after finally gaining some of Tara’s trust back. I forgot about her heart problem, but my initial thought was that Clay had something to do with it. I thought maybe he found a way to drug her. He made a comment about whoever was responsible for the break-ins was trying to hurt everyone they loved (Gemma, Tara, Jax, the boys, the club, etc.) However it falls, SOA is going to be insane next week!

  34. Randi says:

    Anyone else notice Filthy Phil giving Gemma the stare down as they were loading the boys? He had hawk eyes for sure.

  35. geri says:

    I don’t think Abel is dead he is a toutgh kind of kid who over came a lot in his first second and no his thrid year of life. He will some day take over Jax’s spot at the head of the table with out all the bull crap that thed sons find them sevles in right now. I am going to nay to him dying but Gemma’s going to go further diown the road of self distruction if Jax’s doesn’t give into her relasionship with her true love and that is not the old man this guy she is really in love with and why does Jax think he can go around telling people espceally his mother whoi she can and can’t see. Hre should lighten up a little bit with her realashtionship with her new man and I mean Jimmy smitts is a nre man. He loves her very much and she loves him very much why is Jax trying to keep them apart for his own gain very selfish my man Jax

  36. john says:

    i think tara will turn on Jax and the club in the end.
    she never got over the hand injury.

    1. Lisa says:

      Tara will turn on everyone BUT Jax and the club. She is settled into acceptance that Jax is who she loves and the MC is part of him. The hand injury is what made her “sink” to their level. She has no life as a surgeon anymore….She is the wife of an MC president and accepts that is what she’s SUPPOSED to be. She will however become COLDER and HARDER. Hard enough to embrace the kinds of justice that have no place in any courtroom. She will use her position as Jax’s wife to exact revenge or “payment” on whoever is responsible for hurting her family. When she gets that cold heartless BITCH thing going on……she will make Wendy and Jemma look like Mother Theresa.

  37. Caitlin says:

    Tara is gonna whoop Gemma’s ass!

  38. cayares says:

    I think Abel is going to live, and Wendy is going to fight for custody. Clay hired those men so it would look the Pope is involved.

    1. Bella says:

      who cares about grammar and spelling- really- we all love the show!
      Clay drugged Gemma- looking forward to the next episode- kudos the the writters! (and directors)

      1. finley says:

        Don’t forget what Otto is abl to do behind bars.

  39. Madlizard68 says:

    I have a feeling that Clay is behind the shooting up of Jax and Chibs as well as the jacking of Gemma’s Caddie and it could have been to put a hole in the muffler so that Gemma crashes due to Carbon Monoxide , I really can’t stand Clay…..hope he Dies soon…….lol…….Ron Pearlman is such a good actor, he really brings Clay to life and makes you hate him !!!

    1. Jackie says:

      the kids would have been affected much worse…if it were carbon monoxide.

    2. donna says:

      It is true Ron Pearlman is a great actor!!

    3. Cindy M says:

      I agree with your comment about Ron Pearlman….he is a great actor. But I hate Clay

  40. flip74 says:

    I also agree that Gemma looked wasted, however pretty difficult for a seasoned joint smoker to be that stoned. With that said, she clearly looked as if she was going to fall asleep or pass out. She would have had crushing chest pain and profuse seating if she were having a heart attack. The dripping blood looked too far away to be Abel’s, remember he is strapped into a car seat which makes it impossible for him to slump that far ahead…just my thoughts.

    1. donna says:

      I agree, I think Gemma was just falling asleep at the wheel.

  41. geri says:

    Abel will some day hold the gavel at the head of the table he is a survior and will lead the sons into a different path then they find them selves in now Jax my man lighten up on your Mother and the man she loves if you had not gotten in the way of her relasionship with him this accident might never have happened. You Jax have no right to decide who your Mother should go with for your own selfish gain. Gemma my heart go’s out to you and the probelms you are going to have to face before this is all over with and Jax my man lighten up,

  42. Hutt4Life says:

    My tv screwed up and went all dark when the van pulled up and started shooting at Jax, and Chibs. I couldn’t tell who got shot? I gather it was Chibs from the above comments. My question is, does it look like Chibs is going to die? Was he shot many times? I couldn’t even tell if Gemma crashing with the boys, and the shooting were linked together. I’m in the dark here (literally) could someone explain to me what actually happened from the time the van pulled up and started shooting? My tv was so dark I couldn’t tell who was bleeding on the stuffed animal? Thanks to who ever responds.

    1. Fabiana says:

      No, they weren’t linked. The shootout with the Sons ended with none of them hurt, but they did shoot one of the shooters and pulled his mask to see it was a black guy. With Gemma, it was a different scene. It seemed as if she was buzzing it, or like others think, was drugged. She was driving with the kids, seemed to be passing out and almost went heads with a big rig. Thats when she went off the road and crashed. Next scene looks like Jax’ older boy might be seriously hurt. It’s how they ended it.

    2. Fabiana says:

      No, they weren’t linked. The shootout with the Sons ended with none of them seriously hurt, but they did shoot one of the gunmen and pulled his mask to see it was a black guy. With Gemma, it was different scene. It seemed as if she was high, or like others here think (as well as myself),she was drugged or maybe her heart condition. She was driving with the kids, seemed to be passing out and almost went heads with a big rig. That’s when she went off the road and crashed. Next scene looks like Jax’ older boy might be seriously hurt. It’s how they ended it. Hope this helped some.

    3. finley says:

      Chilbs and Jax’s didn’t get shot, I would of gone crazy if my tv went out during this show.

  43. Jackie says:

    I like how Tara gets taken to the cabin…but Gemma is left alone with all the home invasions etc with the babies…hoping Abel is ok and it was a drink or Gemmas blood dripping from the front!!!!! Not really loving all the killings…

    1. donna says:

      I agree.

  44. Lindindy6 says:

    Was that Abel’s foot on the floor of the SUV at the end of the show? Did anyone else see this? I don’t know if my eyes were playing tricks on me or if it was….?

    1. dana says:

      I wondered what that was too…..Lord I didnt think about it being a foot, I thought it was the stuffed animal he was holding when he got in…but the tree went right through YIKES

      1. sdjudy11 says:

        thought it was a stuffed animal…

  45. Hutt4Life says:

    Hey everyone. Here is a tribute I made for S.O.A. with a song I wrote “InToo Deep” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8zV0YX92M0

    1. finley says:

      I LOVE IT!!!

  46. anon says:

    As close as Gemma has been trying to get to the boys this season I don’t think that she would willingly do anything to put the boys in danger. Jax, Tara and even Wendy would definitely do something very extreme if she were to do something as stupid as drive drunk or anything else. And as often as she smokes, I’m sure that the little she had before she picked them up would not have caused her to drive off the road. I really think it must have something to do with her heart or some other freak medical condition.

  47. Big Papa says:

    The Blood dripping in the Vehicle has to be Abels…When they showed Gemma she was slumped on the steering wheel. Abel was right behind her with the Tree on his legs and the blood was dripping on the rear floor board below Abels legs..I dont believe Able is dead..you can hear him Moaning even when the baby was crying.

    1. Raydarlov says:

      Also I saw his eyes opening and closing.

  48. Sally says:

    All that has to be said is this is not about spelling, it is about the show. Who cares how a person spell! I know I can’t spell good and I don’t really care what other people say about it. So please people this stick to what this site is really about and not some stupid crap. Why do people have to act like children so much? GROW UP PEOPLE AND START CARING ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE THEN HOW PEOPLE SPELL.

  49. shelly says:

    Boo on SOA, I think we could have gone without that story line

    1. Fabiana says:

      I think they have to play on this. Nothing is secure in this type of lifestyle and Kurt shows it. Just as he did with Tigs’ daughter. The Sons suffering the losses they have, is part of the life they chose to live. You can’t live this lifestyle and not expect the worst. This is writing, at its best.

      1. donna says:

        Very true, he is an awesome writer.

  50. smt says:

    I was wondering where in the world Gemma lived! Driving over the river and through the woods? I didn’t realize she lived so far from the club house. As soon as I knew she was going to take care of the kids I knew something was going to happen to them. Too predictable.

    1. Jen says:

      and tried to comment on that drive…since they never seemed to show it before, or I missed it when they did…seems like Gemma could be at the club in a heartbeat and now it is over the woods …like someone else said…odd….

    2. Tina W says:

      And why didn’t that prospect stop her from driving or drive for her. You saw the way he was looking at her. I bet he is going to be under Clay’s wing real soon, if he isn’t already.

      1. Lisa says:

        He’s not a prospect anymore, he’s a patched member with a vote. He won’t go w/Clay. He’s been to loyal to Jax’s kids from the get go…..he’s been their guard and protector. He was concerned because he cares about the kids. But he knew to challenge Jemma’s ability to drive would probably end up with her throwing a BIG ASS FIT!! and assumed that if Jax and Tara knew she was coming after them, they knew she was capable. I don’t think he trusted Jemma to take the boys in the first place. Maybe not even because of her current condition but because she has been getting into a lot of trouble lately and causing messes for the MC to clean up. By spending so much time with the boys, he’s grown attached to them, but won’t question Jemma’s actions out of respect for Jax…..and knowing his “newbie” status within the club….speaks only when he’s spoken to and does what he’s told. He hasn’t really earned RANK that allows him to say “……No, you CAN’T take the boys, no matter WHAT my president says, even if you ARE his mother.” As a low ranking soldier, it’s his job to follow orders whether he agrees with them or not, and Jax’s orders were that Jemma was to pick them up and take them back home to care for them until he and Tara returned from the cabin. But I DO agree that just as Tigg was sent with Tara to ensure her safety, their should have been a guard on Jemma and the Boys as well.

  51. Marie says:

    Able is goen to b fine an Gemma is to much part of the show for anything to happen to her, if anything Genna will never b trusted with the boys again,an that will throw her into even more of a tale spin ,things r not looking to go for Gemma rite now

    1. Lisa says:

      That’s what I thought about Opie.

  52. Deb says:

    I didn’t see “red” blood dripping . . . just something dripping. I have a feeling (hope) it is the formula from a broken baby bottle. That the producers just wanted to freak everyone out that a child died.

  53. Jen says:

    I think there was something in the pot, that Clay put in Unser’s stash…or if it was Gemma’s….cause most people who smoke that much pot, know what they can handle…

  54. L. H. says:

    Gemma better hope that little boy pulls thru this. If she thot Jax was pissed at her for the letters, let his boy not make it or disabled for life because of her. OH SH1T!!

    1. donna says:

      Gemma is screwed..they will not forgive her for falling asleep at the wheel and endangering their children. I don’t think she will be babysitting again for a while lol.

  55. donna says:

    I do not think Gemma was wasted, i think she was just tired and could not keep her eyes open.

  56. Cari says:

    I’m not sure if Abel will die or not. I don’t like the fact that they did this in the ending. For any of you that are questioning whether it was blood or not, I watched that scene again and it is red something dripping on a white/light colored stuffed animal.

  57. Andrew M says:

    Wow I cant believe it affected me so much to see Abel with his head down and seeing the blood dripping. My eyes got so watery that i couldnt believe i was getting like that over a TV SHOW. I guess I just couldnt imagine something like that happenning to me in real life you know. But let me tell tho, Sons Of Anarchy will be one of the best ever and still to come shows made out there in history my friends. :~)

  58. Okie Sons says:

    I hope someone does Wendy, that b**ch doesn’t deserve the privilege of parenthood she killed that by almost killing that kid, I hope Gemma pays for her almost getting the boys killed

  59. sugarock1977 says:

    I still haven’t recovered from Opie’s death yet. I know I can’t handle one of the babies dying! Im holding my breath until next week! Some of the clips from next week show Jax talking to other people and he’s not acting like a man who just lost his Son or Mother. But after Opie, I coukd be wrong. I know see what the writers are capable of!!!

  60. jtowne421 says:

    1st long term cannibus users like myself don’t get retarded when we smoke to any1 like myself its a balancer.. I’m with the heart attack theory not in Gemmas character to be wasted so easily… HAILSoA. PS this is not an essay or grammar class

  61. sdjudy11 says:

    I do not think Gemma was wasted…. overly tired maybe. Not drunk though, she wouldn’t- she wants to be with family more than anything. I love how the bf told jax the in tuned advice on his momma. I think those two need to go out. oooh heres a thought. what if shed been drugged- clay did make a comment that whoever was after everyone that they love……

  62. Kayla says:

    I am thinking that Tara is going to be thumping on both Clay and Gemma for their transgressions! She already has justification for knocking off Clay and now with this accident, she is going to be on Jax’s back for convincing her to leave the boys with Gemma. If I were Clay and Gemma, I would steer clear of Tara because I can see her getting her b**ch on with them!

    And to address the spelling errors – if you are an adult, you should know how to spell. If you are writing something for mass consumption, you should know grammar and spelling. For those of you who think it is okay to let it pass, would you let your kid keeping spelling “the”, “teh” and tell them it is okay because people should be more understanding? I hope not. And for the haters, if the misspelling wasn’t pointed out, would you have even figured it out yourselves? Let’s get back to the real issue – SOA is awesome!

  63. Anne Schaefer says:

    Certainly a dramatic episode…..(aren’t they all). Gemma will definitely be in the dog house on this one. I’m sure they will do a drug test on her and find the stuff in her system. I double if Jax and Tara will forgive her for this. Abel is probably still with us…as someone said in a previous post, it took too long to get him back and that would destroy the other story line of the real mama trying to get him back.

  64. synister says:

    one more thing…I think poor Juice is next to die.

    1. Tina W says:

      That is what I said last night.

  65. cynthia says:

    gemma has what her father had . i think demencha

    1. Kayla says:

      I don’t think she has dementia. I think she was drugged, probably by Clay after he figured Jax would ask her to take care of the kids. That way, he is slowly culling her away from Jax so she is completely alone.

      1. Only1lorna says:

        I know, She only smoked pot with Rayland. Something else had to do that much damage.

      2. Tina W says:

        I have it recorded on the DVR. I’m going to see if Clay was around her before she went to get the kids, I’m sure he was. I made the heart comment a few minutes ago but you might be right Kayla.

      3. nanny61 says:

        Maybe when her car got jacked-someone jacked with her car-pun intended!!

  66. Debbie says:

    What about preview for next week where Sheriff is negotiating with Jax over last home invader for “rat” at table giving info to Feds in RICO case. Bye bye Juicey Boy, now thats the real tragedy. Let’s hope theres some love/compassion left to spare Juice a death sentence by club. He also didn’t give Clay up to Jax when he realized what Clay was up to and was sent out to find 3rd Nomad. Not looking good for our Juicey Boy and thats a heartbreaker. He also finished shooting way earlier than other cast. Save Juice!!

    1. Jeanie says:

      That’s what I thought at first but that is too obvious. I’m kinda thinking it has to be someone no one is expecting.

  67. hondar says:

    OMFG this is a blog about the damn show not about who can freakin spell, you nust have know how to read it if you made so many damn comments about it. for gods sake get a life. thank god someone didnt write in another language it would have been on the news. and as for Gemma shes been burning the candle at both ends and i think it just caught up with her. she was out drinking the night before and it looked like not much sleep. plus, you could almost tell something was gonna happen because one of the members kept watching her as she was putting the kids in the car and drive off.

  68. Terry White says:

    another thought for the heart attack theory…..
    Remember when Gemma went into the bathroom in the morning—we all thought she was crying and feeling bad for herself…but she does put her hand to her left side before she looks like she is doubling over …..hmmmmm
    Great episode–kept me on the edge of my chair !!

  69. wow! says:

    Shut up about spelling! Is this not about the show we all watched last night? Who gives a shit about your grammatical errors. Last night’s episode had me just as upset as when Opie died:( Abel has to live. Jax and Tara couldn’t handle that! The clubs been through enough blood shed. Great way too leave us all on the edge of our seats!

  70. SOA Fan says:

    My take.
    Gemma was drugged or something. Maybe the car was rigged to pump Carbon Monoxide in (remember the car was jacked earlier in the day).
    The blood is Gemma’s.
    Gemma is seriously hurt and spends time in the hospital (ICU \ Life Support).
    Maybe Gemma needs someone to take care of her (Clay or Nero)
    Tara initially blames Gemma for endangering \ hurting the kids (Until they find out she was druged or the car rigged).
    Abel lives and Wendy has an in to fight for Abel.
    Wendy may even get custody of Abel (So Tara only has her kid to raise – similar to Gemma and Jax).

    The Character shifts and developments are getting awsome.
    Juice becoming closer to Clay but getting conflicted by what he see’s Clay doing.
    Jax is becoming more conflicted, and yet more like his father. (The letters, The time alone thinking, trying to get the club out of the BS)
    Tara is becoming more like Gemma (Hardened, sneaky and manipulative).
    Love the show.

  71. Dyanne says:

    This show keeps me wanting more every week. It is the best written show EVER on television. I don’t know what is going to happen. I don’t even want to guess. I just look forward to Tuesday nights and the surprises that Kurt has in store for us. :-)

  72. Tina W says:

    Could have been her heart again. She handles smoke too well, all the time.

  73. TameraHeartU says:

    We are thinking that the limb has severed the poor little guys leg or something. Gemma was getting high way earlier in the day, and when she found out that she would be caring for the boys she snuffed out the joint. I’ve smoked some good shit, but come on now she wasn’t high four hours later ( maybe if she was eating brownies, but she wasn’t) I think she nodded off simple as that, and swerved over the line, Tara IS GONNA FLIP THE HELL OUT, and who can blame her. Clay is a muther fucker. This is the bloodiest season of Son’s, my GOD. gruesome. Oh COULD SOMEONE SPELL CHECK ME PLEASE? thanks:)

  74. JennyG says:

    I think Gemma might have been a little off her game considering the binge drinking the night before, getting robbed, humiliated, and hung over the next day. I don’t think what she smoked with Unser would have affected her driving hours later. Burned out? Undetermined medical condition? I knew something was up when she was packing the kids into her SUV. I kept hoping one of the members was going with her. Her usual escort Tig, was with Tara…..

  75. Vicki says:

    If you remember when she (Gemma) was sitting in the motel bathroom on the commode she was shaking….I think there may be something else going on….Jax has Clay’s number…he’ll get his in the end….

  76. soafan24 says:

    I did not think Gemma looked wasted. It looked more like she had a mentally challenged episode…..and her pupils looked normal which would not be the case had she been drinking or smoking pot. She also had a lack of glassy eye….and honestly, I am really upset with Kurt Sutter. he keeps pulling stunts that I find pointless….and honest to God, the season needs a pick me up or next season will be a waste. Im a hardcore fan and I really do think there is waaay too much time between seasons and viewers are getting sick of Clay, etc.

    1. dannigurl30 says:

      Last season was full of OMG moments to and this show is known for its stunts. As for next season there more then likely won’t be a next season because the show was intended to only last 5 seasons so you may not have to worry about being drawn into the show and you can stop watching now and save yourself the wasted time.

  77. Cait says:

    I think Gemma may of been having heart issues? C’mon at her age with all the boozing and drugs… Perhaps it caught up with her? What was the deal with the black men in the van attacking Jax and Chibs? There are lots of small twists and turns taking place I just don’t get? Clay is a piece of crap and I have this awful feeling he’s going to get Juice killed?

  78. dannigurl30 says:

    I came here to read comments about last nights episode and all I get to read are a bunch of people commenting about grammer and spelling, way to sad :(

  79. mary says:


  80. opiesmaryann says:

    Ok in the previews who’s the black guy going off the rooftop?
    Gem could of had a stroke,but remember she was smoking a doobie when tara called her, that on top of being wasted the night before and tired?????

  81. Lisa says:

    The black guy is Pope.

  82. chocol8cherry says:

    I think Gemma may have had a heart attack.

  83. dean says:

    Few things I don’t get she smoked pot hours earlier and drove after she got done smoking and any pot smoker knows you wouldn’t get messed up like that she must of had more heart problems. Also why was she driving so far? From the club to the house? Either the babe is dead or gem is going to die. That was to much blood dripping at the rate it was for a kid to be ok

  84. Maryi says:

    But, remember earlier n the day she woke up groaning & grabbing at her chest. So, him messing w/ her Med’s totally makes sence!!!!

  85. Cherokee T. says:

    The next to die will e Tigg I belive he is Ratting to the FBI.But I honestly hope the babies will be OK cause I know how it feels to loose a child lost my daughter when her Mom had a wreck and ran off road and down a big hill and crashed also.Now Jax might kill Gemma but hope it’s Clay first.But does anyone Remember when they first aired Sons coming back on for the season and Jax is coming across bridge and wrecks and goes off side,I belive Clay does his bike like he did Jax’s Daddy John Teller messed with his bike to kill him to get Gemma and the club well after he wrecks he pulls up beside Toad on the bridge if he’s not killed he’s gonna get Jax so he can get the club back mark my words.I am so Happy when I ride I don’t worry about crap like that but my brothers I ride with we are that close and tight brotherhood.But I hope them babies will be alright and someone finds them.

  86. DannyBoy says:

    I wish Tara would show the club she cares and give it up.

  87. Jimmy b says:

    Clay can’t die! The show needs an antagonist like that! Clay is ruthless and the club will need that when everyone finds out jax is a narc! The Mayans have been quite for too long! I think clay could do damage on pope if they aren’t in bed together as we’ll.

  88. theincredibleH says:

    missed last night’s show. was trying to catch up on here and piece together what happened. due to nonsensical arguments over a spelling error, i still have NO clue. thanks SOA blog for being such an inspiration…next time i’ll just call a friend.

  89. brendon says:

    jemma running off the road will be put on the niners or whoever they blame for running jax and co. off the road. may be a few episodes before the truth comes out on that one.

  90. dean says:

    Juicy looks to die soon if they find the snitch…I agree with whoever hates Tara…I like clay as an antagonist

  91. lianna says:

    Juice will probably be killed next, he should have came clean with the MC in the first place.he did kill a member. He is the rat, and has became a pussy.let him go. I hope the boys are ok.will find out next episode.

  92. Miranda says:

    I think Abel will live but maybe Gemma will die. Tomas is ok for now but who knows how long it’ll be before someone finds the wreck & he could starve or freeze by then. If Gemma lives Jax will disown her if not kill her. Tara will flip out & immediately want to kill Gemma & if Jax doesnt comply they may split up. Thats my opinion but who knows.

  93. Ju says:

    Ah I haven’t been keeping up with the episodes and I don’t mind “spoilers”. Can someone tell me what accident? Who was driving? What happened?

  94. SOA Friend says:

    One of the reasons that I love this show is that NOTHING is off limits. Abel could be dead. It surely would add intensity to an already crazed Jax and if you think Terra has grown up this year watch what she does if her kid is killed…..

  95. SoaFan13 says:

    Can we plz have one episode where someone doesn’t die!!! There’s no suspense in it Kurt…use a couple of episodes to build up a little suspense!!!

  96. dean says:

    Shouldn’t abels actual mom get pissed? Tara pisses me off the way she acts like its her son. I hope clay kills Tara before he dies. Ignoring her crying baby all she does is drop them off at daycare and work anyways. Such bs she’s gonna get Otto on her side just her whole arch is so annoying

    1. bakkedziti says:

      His actual mom? Tara IS Abel’s mother, that junkie whore got high her whole pregnancy and then tried to kill him. She may have given birth to Abel, but she NOT his mother. She has never changed a diaper, bathed him, sang him to sleep, kissed him goodnight, having a baby doesn’t make you a mother. Its how you raise that child after its born that makes you a mommy. She wont get Abel. Ever. Before Tara was his mommy she cared more about him than wendy ever did. She fixed his fucked up stomach and his heart, that junkie whore should be in jail for what she did while she was pregnant with him. She doesn’t deserve Abel. Tara is his REAL mother.

    2. Sasha says:

      Your fucking annoying! Tara is a big part of the show. Jax’s true love!

  97. Mrs Mezery says:


  98. So we are really being kept to the edge of our seats this season. Great job Sutter and co. !!!!!

  99. dean says:

    Just rewatched the end I find it interesting gem was messed(looked drunk or pills or a combo) up when she was picking up the kids also as soon as she left the club it goes to a scene of clay tucking away the marriage certificate and after the crash she was slumped forward and Abel was above not moving were the blood was dripping. Could clay have set this up somehow without knowing she was going to drive her kids?

  100. Jessica says:

    Wow its pretty bad you cant even read about a good show you like to watch with out childish people making dumb comments. really, every one is picking on others because of spelling. grow the heck up, read about the show & leave others comments alone. GROW UP!!

  101. Cassie says:

    Clay doesn’t care if the kids are there or not. Gemma could regain consciousness, or she could need surgery, Abel will probably need a blood transfusion from Wendy? Either way if Gemma was framed it could take a while for her to prove it. I think Juice had something to do with the shooting, either that or he thinks he can confide in Clay about his work with the Feds. I think Wendy is boring and should be removed from the series.

    1. bakkedziti says:

      I bet wendy tries to take abel or does something stupid and gets herself locked up or killed. She deserves it thats for sure. She needs to go either way. Tara is gonna kill Gemma for this.

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