The “Tig” Scene

Raise your hand if the hair on the back of your neck started to stand up while watching the scenes with Tig last night. Just to be clear, I’m talking about the Season 5 premiere episode where Tig was chained up and forced to watch the execution of his daughter. Hold on – execution does not really capture the moment. Tig watched his baby girl get cooked to the bone.

As an actor I wonder how Kim Coates prepares for something like this and how he ever recovers.

Looking forward to seeing how Tig settles the score with Damon Pope.

Share your thoughts on the Tig scene in the comments.


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  4. I think that he is going to be the one to end of killing Clay. It may not be this season, but I think that it will happen

  5. Kim Coats is a tremendous actor and my favorite character on SOA. I absolutely love this show and watch the re-runs on the SOA Discs until the new season begins. I really hope that the series continues for many years. I have never looked forward to a show so intensly as I do SOA. Excellent writing, perfect actors for their characters. I really think it is great when I read the comments, for people see the show as very real life. Goal accomplished. The Tig scene was incredibly intense, Kim Coats’ performance sure made me feel like it was really happening. My God, could your imagine having to watch your child die in front of you, and there is nothing you could do to save your child. Definitely payback – SOA Style! Never more….

  6. Tig ran over Pope’s daughter, killing her.

    He just returned the favor. Tit for tat.

    As horrible it was for Dawn, the daughter.

    I do not feel bad for Tig.

    What goes around comes around.

    But Chit is gonna erupt.

  7. This was the harshest episode so far! If we thought Tig was crazy before-he is going to become psycopathic after the horrible way his daughter was killed! Too bad Pope can only die once……

  8. They touched on Tigs anger toward Clay’s lie about color
    Being the shooter. Other than pain, I am sure blame towards clay is running through his mind
    Pope has to die- a lot.

  9. I missed the season opener of Sons of Anarchy I can find it f Sons of Anarchy using Comcast “On Demand”???? I used to be able to get it.

    What happened, why isn’t it there? Is it a marketing ploy of some sort so folks will add the DVR features…we pay enough already!

  10. Im glad I’m not Pope or a Niner! Tigg is flat out 100% loco. The revenge will be bloody and swift. It gonna be nuts!!!
    I am concerned about his possible forgiveness of Clay. Clays back on his feet and already conniving.
    It’s going to be an interesting season

  11. Tig was great in the opening show,I want Him to get revenge on the whole bunch of 1niners and the dad of the girl he killed!!! I can’t wait for next Tuesday!!!!!!!

  12. With Jax and Tig in jail standing president will have to get justice what ver brought clay to the head of the table he should be the man to get pope. woman/children not being members are not acceptable targets. Tig is loyal can’t be written this dumb. The cartel will side with sons. Sutter has great vision.

  13. poor tigs, it was an accident and jaxs lied to the club not clay. tigs gonna kill pope. as far clay goes shutter says he keeping clay alive till the end

  14. Tigs is nuts allready he well go balistic. What out pope and his gang..And what about Clay what he going to do to him? he is the reson Tig went after the Blacks course Clay lied about how shot him.

  15. I know some people I have talked to about the show think it’s unbelievable, but things like this really happen. Obviously in different ways, but none the less, they do happen. There are really people out there who would flick a smoke on someone doused in gas. That is how 1%er’s are, and people they associate with. Love this show!!! Kurt Sutter is a genius. Wearing my SOA t-shirt right now.

  16. I see a lot of you guys saying Tig should do this and Pope will die slowly but i don’t see anyone saying Good Job Pope . ya gotta stop and think HIS DAUGHTER was MURDERED BY TIG FIRST . l know its a SOA show but if Tig murdered one of my kids l’d BBQ his kid and make him watch. all this crap you guys are talking about Pope needs to suffer hey already has. l do like Tig in the show and hope he takes it out on who really should be getting it and that is Clay. Pope and Tig should both kill Clay together since Clay caused both their daughters to die . Remember if you kill the puppet master the puppets can’t fight each other.

  17. I love this show so much, I dont even know how to explain what i feel! The best show on TV. I loved every second, you left me feeling like i lost a part of me (my family) when he lost his daughter .You guys keep up it just keep getting better!

  18. OMG, thats the only thing I could think. The scene actually was so brutel it made me a little sick to my stomach. I had the show recorded so I watched it the day after and I had to pause and take a break before I could continue.

    Just goes to show how much of a great actor Tig is, as well as all the other characters. I love this show and think this was the perfect season opener. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Waiting another whole week is terrible!!!!

  19. well Tig just waiting to see what part of hell P opened up for hisself.This was sad and hard to even imagine,my first thought was if you leave me alive your death and anyone who gets in my way will be slow and brutal. Great show keep it up,cant wait to watch every week

  20. I would have to say this was one of the most riveting, brutal, haunting scenes I have ever watched. From the horror of her being in a hole on top of deal bodies, to the end and of course your mind goes to “how could anyone mentally survive something so heinous?” It put the viewer in the role of wondering how you dig deep enough to truly express the agony of something so unspeakable. I found myself just repeating over and over….no…no….no…please no.

  21. Getting chained up and seeing your baby girl suffer…..pain beyond words……watching Tig put his Seargent size boot on there mutha’ f%#&in neck while he “guts em’ Priceless

  22. Tig hun we all love u and hope u get thru this but please man up and corect ur wrongs cuz we need u to fix the club and get Clay out!!!

  23. What about Tig’s other daughter! The trailer for next weeks episode shows Tig in jail with Jax. It’s gonna get nasty on this show this season!

  24. OMG! That was the most HORRIFIC scene ever! I don’t care what Tig has ever done – nothing could be worse that seeing your own kid burn to death! That scene will stick in my mind forever -that scene was worse than the dude getting the tattoo burned off of him with a blowtorch for sure! Ugh! What a great show – definitely off to a better start than last season. SOA is a great show!

  25. The scene with Tig was right up there with the scene a few seasons ago where they burnt the tattoo off that guy’s back (a former member) with a blowtorch.
    I do agree, though, that the acting seemed a little bit weak during that scene. As a parent, I can’t even begin to fathom something like that happening to my baby. I would have torn my hands off to get to her. I read elsewhere that after filming that scene, Tommy Flanagan was in a real funk for a while. Can’t say I blame him. That had to be so intense and emotionally draining to film.

  26. I think that Tig should be thinkin how to settle the score with “Scum-bag” Clay! If it wasn’t for Tigs “loyalty” to Clay then the killing wouldnt have happened! Clay is showing his true colors and everyone is slowly seing him (Clay) for who he really is! I hope they call Clay to a group meeting and Tig (for his daughter), Opie (for his dad and wife) Jaxs (for his dad, and the hit on Tara, and beating his mom) for a group killing! And let me say I enjoyed seeing Jax at the head of the table where he belongs!

  27. Phenomenol show, LOVE it!!! The scene was intense, cry however I did not….it is a show people! But seriously the writing and the acting is spot on. In my opinion Tig’s acting was perfect he knows he screwed up by following Clay’s orders in the past and he knows he’s responsible for her death. He’s a real sick bastard but he RULES and I can’t wait to see his actions play out. Absolutely LOVED Jax and Clay’s interaction at the table..what’s Clay up to and who’s the better bluff? Sooo excited for this season, keep up the good work Sutter!

  28. i was shocked about what happened and i have to disagree with the post about everyone hates tig and that he is not the brightest cookie.. well here is my thought if you watched the show closely at the end tig told clay that he “murdered a girl” cuz clay didn’t tell the truth about whom really shot him and why as Tig being Clay’s Right hand Man and an old friend he went out for revenge for the man he loves and honor the president of his chapter like any member would do.. I feel awful for what happen about his baby girl … bikers life is not all glory there is some ugly truth out there… and it has it perks and downs… but once a brother/sister always a brother/sister no matter what happens.. now Tig feels betrayed by clay for not telling him the real truth and that is why tig is in this postion he is in.. and who wouldn’t be. Got love for ya Tig <3 hope it works out ill be watching

  29. OH MY GOD, I was in tears when Tig had to watch his baby girl burn, i just can’t imagine!! I am sure the revenge will be worth every moment of watching!! Wonderful season premier!!
    Would love to see SOA on a channel that everyone can get!! I had to stream it on Wedensday to watch how come we can not watch it on ABC or a Canadian channel we dont have to pay for!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Tig is a dog. Clay had Tig kill Opie but it turned out he killed Opie’s Wife Donna. If that ever gets out Jax and Opie will kill both Clay and Tig.

    1. sorry to say they already know it was in season 3 or 4 they were told why it happened because that atf slut made opie out to be a snitch thats why she got killed off ope killed her as his revenge towards tig although ope did beat the shit out of him

  31. Very sad thing to happen in the first episode. My Boyfriend and I was all like, “That’s sad they picked her cause, even though she only visited him so she could get money off of him it’s more then his other daughter ever did.”

  32. i litterallty was tearing up in that seen, no father like Tig should see his baby girl being fryed like that, but tig shouldve had backup. thats my thought, the crew wlll probablly keep clay until jax and them get caught and then kill him, cut off the irish cartel

  33. I watched it and have always loved the show, however that scene may drive me away from watching, it was just too much

  34. Few scenes on TV or in the movies have ever touched me as this scene did; the only others that has bothered me as much was the heartless cuting of Bravehearts wife throat and the German soldier slowly pushing a knife into an American soliders heart in Saving Private Ryan. Having seen some truly horrific things in my life; little gets to me on the big or little screens but this scene made me sick. Not to mention gave me nightmares as burning to death has always been a fear. It will be an interesting season to see how Tig handles his revenge – if he is allowed to have it now or has to hold it in for awhile or maybe he’ll just go renage and say to hell with the club and go out on his own to get revenge.

    The scene with Gemma was just sick; totally not needed because who cares who she is doing? It would have been enough to just see her wake next to Jimmy Smits without the sick stuff. Lost some of her cool in my book; the character would have been better off keeping some dignity.

  35. Holy crap SO utterly disturbing and heartwrenching at the same time. I can’t get that image out of my mind, and her screaming “Daddy” while she’s being burned alive. Horrifying.

  36. I think everyone has said it, very hard scene to watch. As a parent the pain Tig ‘s character was in I can understand…I was on the verge of tears. I love this show and every character brings such depth….sometimes I forget it’s a show and not people I care about. Honestly no show has ever affected or obsessed me like SOA. My hearts in my mouth until Tuesday….

  37. Did anyone notice the look on Tig’s face as he sitting on the edge of the pit with the others bodies and the body of his burned daughter. He was calm and had a look in his eye and kinda tipped his head, it appeared to me that he accepted his daughter’s fate for his actions (killing Opie’s Wife and Pope’s daughter) Kinda like a Karma is a bitch look, but I still believe there will be Tiiggy style payback. I did not think the punishment did fit the crime.

  38. As an actor he is amazing at his part….. it will be an adventure to see what comes of his wrath / and if leadership is involved it will be just as creative or more as Opie’s last season. I wanted to be sick watching him stand there in chains… he was not out of character/ nor did he over-act the sequence. That was pure Tig.. (a Psociopath)… He has got to put on one hell of a drunk to reccover after the shooting as deep as he gets into the parts if he is drawing from experience. He has played the Psyco before with monumental success.. I wonder what in fact he is drawing from

  39. This was intense but i think the scene where Opie killed the DEA bitch was the best, but as far as tig he will get pay back

  40. As I live in Australia and won’t get to see season 5 for at least another 12 – 18months :(

    However, I used to download the eps through (I got this link through SOA Fans page on Facebook) but now it keeps telling me “Sorry, i have no torrents for this episode, try google” when i do nothing downloads. Can any please recommend where I can now start downloading s5?

    1. It is shown in Australia on Showcase imediatly after it has finished airing in the USA. Every Wednesday about 3:10 it starts. If you don’t have foxtel look for the torrent, I know others who have already downloaded the torrent.

  41. Can’t wait to see how & when Tig gets His revenge..You know it’s gonna be when it’s least expected by everybody….and it’ll be the best ever

  42. I feel they went to far in showing such extreme violence against a child. It was hard to watch. It has bothered me ever since. I’m a mom. I do love SOA but feel it went too far.

    1. Ya it was intense but he definitely stirred up some emotions in people. It made me just want to hold my daughter and never let go.

  43. Tig for Pres./ not….. he is a perfect Preacher or Enforcer / a true reactionary/ fearcly loyal/ the leadership however is not there however as Pres. Hot Heads can’t rule unless everyone wants to die anyway

  44. someone told me “an eye for an eye” about that scene

    you CANNOT call that an eye for an eye…

    being burned alive is a SLOOOOW and horrifically painful death

    whereas pope’s daughter was a hit and run with a car; most likely she was knocked unconscious and died unconsciously

    what pope did to Tig’s daughter was BEYOND; it was cruel sadistic and satanic

    i know its just a show but i have feelings of such HATRED

    i cried so hard watching that….i couldnt even sleep that night

  45. Tig his going to go on a killing spree! I have 2 daughters and if that happend to me I would kill everyone of them. Hell I would kill people they knew or owed them money and, Pope! bRO I would take my time killing you. Come the end you would be swinging for a lamp post down in the hood!!!

  46. I was absolutely FLOORED at that scene
    i was so nauseous i almost threw up LITERALLY….i had to go out and smoke just to calm down…

    as soon as it happened my eyes were wide O_O and I SCREAMED OUTLOUD “NOOOOO!!!!”
    then immediately i was SOBBING!

    literally sobbing! :*-(

    SHOCK does not accurately describe how i felt

  47. Man I thought I hated that agent bitch……I hope Damon’s fate is twice/three x enjoyable to watch. I’m gonna be jumping up and down like the Canadian Hockey teams winning the gold! lol

  48. Kim Coates….you rocked that scene!!! I had a lump in my throat the whole time you let out those agonizing screams. Definitely felt Tigs pain and only a great actor could draw in a viewer like we were tied up right there with you. Amazing job, BUT I wouldn’t expect less from such an incredible cast and writer.

  49. Jesus, it was heart wrenching to watch!!! I cried!!! and I really felt the pain it was just horrific……keep up the good work Sutter LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!! and yeah I ride :-)

    1. yeees SOA is one fine piece of artistic dramatazation…….Sutter and the whole cast (at least the MC)have . the ability to make my fukin’ emotions run the whole gambit….Good on ya, hope to ride with all of ya some day…..thanks again from S.E. Portland CYA IN THE WIND…….C.R.Buds Huntington

  50. Tig is a standout character for me. Watching Kim during that horrific scene was, well, intense. A desparate and chilling sequence. I’ve been hoping for a major plot line with Tig at the centre. Kudos to Mr. Sutter for having the balls to write something so primal.

  51. Wow I can’t believe that guy could be so cruel. The trickling down effect of Clay’s lies are more dangerous than anything. As bad as I felt for Tig I understand the guy’s need for revenge, its not going to be pretty!!

  52. Tig is pissed! I sure wouldn’t want to be Mr. Pope right now! And I bet after Tig gets Pope, Clay will be next since he lied About who killed Piney.

    1. Exactly, Clay is the one who better watch his back around Tig! The show is better thatn ever, keep it coming!

  53. I really am thinking Tig will become a lose cannon and the sons will end up killing him or the 9ers will. No one is safe in his path now and he will feel that the Jax and others left him to be hurt. I maybe wrong on this thought and its just a opinion. I hate to see samcro lose any more people such as Opie and now Tig.

  54. the scene was way to intense for me i watched it thinking something else would happen if the rest of the season is like this oh my Tig will get revenge

    the whole show was crazy i didn t like the first scene with Gemma who cares what kind of sex she sad just my opinion from a female i guess

  55. This is why Tig Is so sexy. Even if something this intense goes down for him you know that he will still get the job done. Some folks are going to pay and tig will not become a basket case. He will always take care of himself and those in his life. He might have not seen this coming but be assured this sort of thing will NEVER happen again.

  56. This scene was so intense for me, I have a daughter and I held my breath and had to put the volume on mute during the scene, he was intense when he was screaming for her, it was breathtaking, you didnt want to watch but you were drawn to. The show has grabbed me again, ever since the beginning I have been a fan!!

  57. I think Kim Coates did a great Job in acting in this scene , some people are saying that his reaction was not real enough , he was reacting very real in my opinion but at some moment he knew his pleading and begging wasn’t going to change the situation , so as a true soldier he faced the punishment , but Damon Pope made a very big mistake by leaving him alive ,the wrath of vengeance by the Sons will be inevitable . Damon Pope might have a lot of power but i don’t want to be in his shoes . Credits and Respect to Kurt Sutter and Kim Coates for this hard scene .

  58. I totally understand why Pope did what he did! I am just wondering where this all leads, but OMG
    to watch your own daughter screaming and in flames I’d be after me some Pope to. Great opening for Season 5-largest draw for FX ever. Mr Sutter my hats off to you sir – Keep up the great work.

  59. does any one live in Ottawa/Canada as I was watching channel FX(318) on Tuesday at 10:00 as I thought season 5 was starting FX 318 it was a very old re run.
    Can anyone in Canada tell me what channel season 5 is on.

  60. Poor Tig, what a dilemma. He has to kill a cop and then sits around the pit of bodies that contains what used to be his young daughter. I have no doubt many people will pay for this. Pope, Mr Pope, that is, will somehow pay very big. Clay, well Clay has made his bed then shit in it, now Tig will figure out how to set it on fire. What a great season opener!!! Well played Mr Sutter, well played!!

  61. horrible scene and the acting was not as good as it could have been….but really …how do you prep for a scene like that without experience as a frame of reference??…….as far as clay goes….tig, jax ,and opie should slowly cut him to pieces while giving him blood transfusions to keep him alive longer for the torture……

  62. Hard to watch !!!!! I think Tig will settle the score with Pope but, what about Clay ? He killed Pope’s daughter because of Clay saying the black’s shot him. I think Clay and Pope will have to deal with the wrath of Tig !

  63. It was crazy the feeling was so intense along with the whole seen, from my perspective this is where he looses his mind I believe. I’m just wondering how can he go and do this by himself when his boys are most of them going to be inside the walls. So many twists and turns its crazy. I think whatever they got going with CIA they need to let them know, and also Romanians and russians need to come back in to play. Damn

  64. I know they won’t do this because of what happened to James Byrd in Texas, but I’d be all for an even more intense scene where Tig chains Pope to his scoot and drags him to death.

    Just like opening a season with Gema getting raped, and you knew Henry Rollins was dead, you know Pope’s a walking dead fuck.

  65. I think this year is going to be very exciting!!! It was quite an opener. The thing with SOA the season seems too short. Tig has always been a bad ass. He’s been betrayed by Clay so who knows…he may be one of the members of the Kill Clay Crew!!!

  66. I sat there watching, my mouth hanging open and in my mind I kept saying “They’ll stop soon, they wouldn’t actually go that far…” and Pope did go that far. Holy crap that was the most intense thing I’ve ever seen on a television show (movies, yeah, but TV?)

    Just another reason why Sons is one of my favorite shows ever. So raw and visceral…

  67. Scenes like this is why Kurt Sutter is a master, even though Tig has killed others we still feel bad for him. Kurt Sutter has made these characters all human evn though they are all evil in their own ways. Awesome opening to season 5

  68. Tuesday night was full of shock and awe!!!!
    Kim, I commend you on such a great performance and wow, I bet you held your girls a little tighter after those scenes!
    Kurt put a lot of faith in you to turn out such an emotional scene! KUDDOS to you my man!
    This season is going to be a BLAST!!!!

  69. I disagree with the others about Tig for president that would be a bad choice. But regardless, I think the job that Kim Coates did was well performed and very believable the motivation was definitely there. I have been a fan since last boyscout and love to see the progression of quality actors like Mr. Coates. Keep up the hard work Kim.

  70. OMG!! We totally did not see that coming. Yeah Kim played that so well. It was very painful to watch, as I have 2 children myself. I think that he is going to be really pissed at Clay for saying it was the blacks who shot him. I agree that lots of people will die because of this. I don’t think that Tig will ever bounce back and it might even get him killed.

  71. i agree it was burtial to see that happen . but look back tig jump the gun and killed a young daughter and had cly not lied none of this would be happening caly should be the one that burns and i sure hope that tig is the one to do him

  72. tig told him he would cut his head off for burning his daughter, i can see him with a big ass machete doing just that. then he should do same to clay for lying to him.

  73. My heart broke for Tig. As a parent, I would imagine that there is only one pain worse than losing a child — watching your child die and being helpless to stop it. I think Kim Coates played it perfectly. It wasn’t a lack of emotion, it was more of a disbelief in what he was seeing, like his mind could not wrap itself around the very real fact that his daughter was being burned alive. I believe that his grief is so profound, his mind/sanity is broken. Say hello to off the rails cuckoo for coca puffs batshit crazy Tig — some people gonna get dead. A lot.

  74. This was truly a monumental scene for ANY television show (or film for that matter). I watched hoping that it really wasn’t going to go all the way, that Tig would break loose, that the others would show mercy. As it went on, it really was hard to watch. Tig is my favorite character on the show, so it was pretty painful to see him go through this. Looking forward to seeing what will transpire over the season in light of this event and others as well! BEST SHOW EVER!! Deadwood is a close second, though…

  75. Tig will get his revenge no doubt.. but first he must decide who will suffer the worst.
    Clay for the lie which prompt his actions or Pope who did the deed.
    Then when that is done he must figure out how to seperate himself and SAMCRO.
    POPE and clay will burn .. the question is …Who first? ?

  76. Intense? uhhh ya gah like omfg! totally caught me off guard and it was beyond brutal.. hats off for Kurt Sutter, Kim Coates and crew for that scene damn

  77. That is 2 innocent women Tig has killed now as a result of Clays lies!! I think Tig is out of Clays corner for good now. It’s a given that there will be retaliation for Pope, he’s a goner! But now 1 more brother that lost a loved one bc of Clay! But who will be the one that finally takes Clay down?? Sutters mind is diabolical and I love that he lets us experience what goes on in there!!

  78. Um…wow! I have been watching SoA since day one, and nothing was as disturbing as seeing Tig’s daughter incinerated like that. I kept trying to look away while it was going on, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV.

  79. Although the scene was one of the best I have seen yet, I would have to say Tig’s acting was not the best. I just did not buy into the fact that some billy bad ass biker would not go banana’s like i know I would over my child. Although, when he begged to be killed over his kid’s life, now that I believed. And yes i am looking forward to seeing him kick some ass!

    1. i agree with you partly.. like the part i was expecting to blow he didn’t, but i think he was saving it because shit is about to go down!

  80. Intense, knucklebaring and painful to watch. This episode was the most intense I have seen in all the show. I was mystifed, grossed-out and ready for the next episode.

  81. Tig reacts without thinking and brings more shit to the MC. How many people do we know in real life like that? Lol…. I also reckon theres more to Clay and his actions than we know….

    1. You sure are a long way from home talking about “My Three Sons” on an SOA forum…Shit or get off the pot man, don’t like it? Tough…the rest of us do, take your whining somewhere else! Like the DejaView forum!

    2. Yeah that scene was disturbing…..but it would be even more disturbing to watch the bad acting again on “My Three Sons”.

  82. Tig is a tough man, but when he had to watch his daughter get tortured like that and he cried. It made me cry so much I wanted to reach out and hug him. That episode was so intense! Those people better watch out, cause Tig is definitely coming after them with out a doubt!

  83. This was nuts. I looked over at my wife while we were watching and she was pale. She told me she was on the verge of puking.

    It was disturbing for sure, but it was done in a way only SoA has been able to do and we all know it’ll be made right.

    I’m thinking Tig has turned his back on Clay and will go to his new Pres for advice. Tig is someone who traditionally needs to be given orders. He did his thing without them and it got his daughter killed (granted he did it on bad info), but I don’t think he’ll make that mistake again.

  84. I haven’t watched the premier yet – just tracking the highlights because I can’t resist…

    My 2cents –

    Jaxx will remain in contact with Pope…somehow keep a link somewhat tolerable.

    As the link seems to warm up with SAMCRO & Pope – with Tigg stewing in the background – sometime when it’s least expected, Pope will see Jaxx’s blade…with the back of his eyeballs

  85. I agree it was an intense brutal scene. But I thought him yelling “Oh Baby” over and over just didn’t grab me. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the show AND Tig, but I thought maybe screaming her name and yelling NOOOOOOOOOO then OH BABY….or something, might have been more intense than just OH BABY. Just my humble opinion.

  86. Remember when Clay asked Tig as he was walking out the door if they were ‘alright’? And then that’s what he went to…. I’m thinking TIG IS GONNA FUCK clay up one way or the other… I love me some crazy ass Tig…. and his eyes…… lol

  87. I don’t know, first half I was disappointed, “Ahh baby nooo?” wasn’t a lot of emotion I would have expected him to be ripping his arms out of the socket to break free to save her. Second half more then made up for it though!

    1. Yeah I thought the “Ah Baby No” was a bit under played myself. My wrist would be bloody trying to stop them or get to her.

  88. The torture we heard in Tig’s agonizing cries as he plead for mercy, and screamed knowing he could not stop it was palpable….as horrible as we felt for the girl, it was his reaction…the knowledge in that reaction that made it all the harder to watch. I actually felt ill…What an intense and well acted horror scene it was!

    1. “Horrific” is the only word to describe it. All I kept saying is “Oh My God” they aren’t really doing this??? That was probably the most disturbing scene of all seasons.

      1. It’s probably the most disturbing thing i’ve ever watched. It made my blood run cold just knowing he couldn’t get free to save his baby girl and then he had to watch her die in the most horrific way possible. Still having nightmares..

  89. Sutter is one twisted hot mess !!!!
    As a father of a daughter I was sick
    Watching that scene, how does he sleep???
    Cant wait to see the retaliation for that !
    This is going to be one wild ride this year,
    And you read it here first Clay will wear
    The president patch again !!

  90. My question to everyone is…. Do you think he brings this to the club? Pope told him if he says anything about it he’ll kill his other daughter. Do you think he still trust Clay? Its gonna be a crazy ride this season. Can’t wait till next weeks episode!

  91. Tig has many layers that we haven’t seen yet. He has shown his “manly” side but also his soft side. You can tell he has feelings for Gemma and all the torment you felt when he tried to help his daughter in the whole rehab fiasco. What happened to his daughter this past week unlocked his dark side for sure and I feel sorry for anyone who gets in his way. I just hope the entire season is going to be as good at the season premier.

  92. Having 3 daughters of my own I would have to say this wont be a quick and easy killing. A lot of pain and torture coming Pope’s way!

  93. As Kim Coates said, “Tig is off the leash this season,” and that was beyond evident at the end when he unloaded that pistol into Popes guy and the cleaner. This is not the same Tiggy anymore, and nothing but hell will follow him! And obviously Pope will pay, but guaranteed he’s going to put this on Clay as well!

  94. The 9ers are fucking up. Though through bad intel; regardless you dont mess with samcro family. In order of operations: Tigs kills clay, Then tigs kills Pope. Although jimmy smitts isn’t sittin right with me either, he has something up his sleeve somewhere..keep an eye on that guy. -Houts (San Dimas Chapter)

    1. I DO NOT like Jimmy Smitt at all!!!!! WTF is up with Gemma, gonna become a slut now that clay is out of her life? I do love Gemma though, she plays such a great role!!!!!!! Never been a big tig fan, but there will be hell to pay! I think Opie will walk away for now, hell I would too if I were him…SOA has killed almost his whole family, but he will wrap his head around it all and be back! The power has shifted to Jax, but I also think it is going to go to his head and Tara, I think is already getting the hang of it. BUT there is trouble brewing between Gemma and Tara…momma will not give up Jax that easily, but tara will not either! Gonna be one hell of a year!

      I thought tig did a pretty good job, as you have never really seen him show much emotions, but yea, do that to my kid I would have gotten out of those chains, NO MATTER WHAT!

      At first, I honestly thought when they opened the hole that his daughter was already dead, but then that scene. I bit much for me, but that is hwo SOA rolls! AWESOME SHOW!

  95. The twist that I see coming is that Clay said he lied because he was covering for Opie. What if Tig blames Opie and brings the pain his way? Don’t forget Clay lied about how everything went down with Piney so Tig may not see the shooting of Clay by Opie as justified in the first place and therefore Opie is to blame for the whole thing in his mind.

  96. This was just painful to watch! Like what a wicked bastard..I couldn’t even imagine.. Tig better send pope to hell!!


  98. Tig is the man..and It killded me to see him that way..I automatically thought..Man those dude’s right there just messed up big time..Tig is a crazy man and you just took his baby..There is going to be no looking back for him..He’s out for blood.

  99. Kim Coates stated he went to a good friend who is a therapist to get into the mindset of a parent watching his child get killed in front of them. He also said he imagined that it was his own daughter there.

    As for Tig, Pope made a fatal mistake in letting tig know that he knew about Fawn. I see another lockdown in the Clubs future.

  100. Not a Tig fan but we now have seen a side of him that makes him human … And I think someone opened a can of stupid!

        1. Tig Did Feel Bad About Killing Donna. Hd Wasn’t Himself For Awhile. He Even Confessed To Opie About It. & You Don’t Do That Unless You Feel Guilty.

          It Was An Intense Scene. But Can’t WAIT To See What Happens Now.

  101. tig hasnt really released his darkside yet..pope is going to learn why you dont screw around with a 1 percenter …….

  102. If we had one hundred thousand Tig’s we could send them to the Middle East to shut the pie holes of the Muslim Hoard.

  103. OMG talk about intense, my heart was in my throat the whole scene and I want to see Tig take out that SOB but real slow SOA style.

  104. I think the scene went a little over board and was very disturbing with setting Tig’s daughter on fire. They could have achieved the same goal by either giving the illusion that she was already dead when they showed her to Tig or if they had shot her. Having a husband that has served in Afghanistan, this scene triggered a flashback for him. I love the show and will continue to watch it, but I don’t know that my husband will. My two cents worth.

    1. Thank your wonderful husband for his service. PTSD is no way to live. Some of the content on the show triggers many a soldiers PTSD. God bless Ya’ll.

    2. tell your wonderful and loving husband thank you for his years of service to this great and wonderful country of ours….and a big thank you to all of his unit.
      in my prayers…..

    3. I feel the same way Danielle it was very disturbing to watch and it made me so angry. I would like to know how Tig is going to handle Damon Pope and Clay for his lies that bought Tig into killing Pope’s daughter.

    4. Danielle-I am so sorry that your husband had such a terrible reaction to the scene. MUCH THANKS & respect goes out to him for his service!!! If you are interested, I wrote a novel about Vietnam veterans & bikers. It is called “Red, White & Blues” & it is available through Amazon. God bless you & your husband!!

  105. I am wondering when it’s going to dawn on Tiggy that if Clay wouldn’t have been a liar, his baby wouldn’t be a briquette. It would be total twist if he went after Clay first. Pope is a given but I think we have discovered that Sutter is THE master of plot twists.

    1. Your right about Clay and the plot twist. Clay has done So Much damage to this club, he needs to die slow, but can’t do it YET. Damn you Kurt Sutter !

    2. My thoughts exactly, Karen! Tig went after Leroy right after Clay said it was the blacks that shot him down. After Clay’s totally fake confession at the table.. man I don’t know how Tig will rationalize all that went down. Gonna make for one hell of a season!

      1. How did Clay lie? He got shot and was in the hospital it was Unser and Jax who said they were black an Tig flipped shit.

      2. How did Clay lie? He got shot and was in the hospital it was Unser and Jax who said they were black an Tig flipped shit then poorly stalked laroy.

  106. It was definitely an intense scene, but I was a little shocked at Tig’s reaction to his daughter being burned to death in front of him. No offense to the actor, but it seemed a bit forced/ fake. I could be taking it the wrong way, seeing how Tig is a former Sgt. at Arms and a stone cold killer. I just expected a bit more emotion watching something like that up close and personal.

    I agree with James, I really want to see what retaliation is to come from this situation.

    1. Your forgetting how…well..insane Tiggy is so my guess is it would have overwhelmed him in real life to the point were soemthing like that would happen…so it was pretty smart

    2. Jake I totally agree with you. I thought Tig’s reaction was a fake. Saying oh baby a million times. I would have been screaming cussing banging the ground, say I’m sorry…not just oh baby!!

    3. I saw the same thing, but I took it a little differently. I saw it as Tig keeping his cool as much as he could, knowing that he couldn’t stop it then but that if he played it right, he’d have his chance for revenge later. He knows the cuffs are kinda crappy, but even so, 1 unarmed Tig against 5 or 6 gangsters is bad odds… so wait until later, when it’s just him and a dirty cop…

    4. I completely agree with you, Jake. While the scene with Tig’s daughter is extremely violent, I too, thought “Tig’s” reaction was forced. I was thinking, after all the probable retakes on this scene, this was the best one? I’m glad to know that I am not the only one to recognize this.

    5. ….i agree!! you would think he would have been fighting harder to get free & also more verbal. and he was able to free himself when ever everyone left! personally, for me, the rape scene with Gemma, in an earlier episode was quiet disturbing!!!

  107. I think he should be getting even not only with Damon Pope but with Clay as well if Clay didnt lie Tig would not have killed popes Daughter in turn Pope would not have killed tigs so i my eyes clay might as well through the Cigerette and burnt her to death himself just my opion

    1. I agree! Tig needs to kill Pope and Clay! This was the hardest scene to watch. But my mouth was open for the entire show. This is going to be one wild season!

    1. Not only is Pope a dead man . I think Clay has now sealed his fate as well , Jax , Opie and now Tig all have a reason for his death .. This is going to be a great season

      1. Right on! Exactly! And it should be that they take Clay out together. Jax has to bring Tig into the loop now so that he doesn’t kill Clay yet. I get the feeling it’s gonna be a while before he can take Pope (and Clay) out but, to use his words, ‘It’s got to happen.’ There is going to be a blood bath, much greater than any we’ve seen before. Love Tig, love this show. Rock on!

      2. I agree that Clay has sealed his fate…I love the show and am addicted! Only show I watch faithfully and set the DVR!

  108. Extremely, extremely hard to watch. Just brutal. Love the show because they do go so hard, but man that scene right there… My mouth was open the entire scene.

        1. My whole body became tense, I could not beleive it. I did not have nightmares, but i did dream about it all night. Could not get the images out of my head.

      1. wow that was some messed up stuff my husband and I have seen a lot of crazy sh@t but that made us teary eyed. we had to see it again to believe our eyes.and as for the people that say that Tig is going to die F YOU.we love you tig.get those bastards

    1. This is exactly what I was going to say. Jaw dropping!!
      Also, this should add Tiegs to the “closest friends and family who want Clay dead” list.
      He will be the ultimate revenge machine.

  109. Tig man we all feel bad about what happened. but we all know you are fixing to bring the gates of Hell with your ass. Tig For President!!!

    1. i understand tig is one of the mosted hated on the show obviously for the dumb shit hes pulled in the past but i will agree what happened to his daughter was way past fucked up if they would have killed him off fine by me hes gonna die this season anyway more or less if you have followed the show from episode 1 up untill now you can see him and clay are as good as dead and its just a matter of time

      1. I think this just gives Tig a reason to kill Clay. Would have never happened if Clay had told Tig the truth about Piney.

      2. Just have to say your job as the show psychic has been given to another because you fail to impress us with wrong answers.