In Memory Of Sons of Anarchy Actor Johnny Lewis ‘Half Sack’

In Memory Of Johnny Lewis AKA Half-Sack

Johnny Lewis, famous for his role as the SAMCRO prospect ‘Half Sack’ on Son of Anarchy was found dead outside of an L.A. home on September 27, 2012.

An elderly woman was found dead inside the home in what appears to have involved some kind of altercation between Lewis and the woman. Lewis, in an attempt to flee the crime scene, plunged to his death and landed on the driveway of the home. Lewis was only 28.

Although Johnny’s life was cut short, he contributed to one of the greatest television shows in America. Here’s a fan-made tribute dedicated to Johnny Lewis and his Sons of Anarchy character ‘Half Sack’.

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  1. everyone jumping to conclusions and blaming half sack for the old ladies death….. before assumption wait for actual facts…….RIP

  2. really RIP are you guys not reading the article that the old woman was found dead inside the home.. bc hes famous were supposed to sympathise for him rather than the woman he had involvement in being dead.