Is Tara Good For Jax?

Fans are divided on this topic. Some can’t stand her and want her vanished off the show. Don’t believe me? There are pages on Facebook dedicated to Tara’s removal.

Others would take a bullet for the new matriarch. “She’s such a good influence on Jax.”

I know someone that wants here gone — Clay. I loved it when he said to Jax: “Dr Pussy is clouding your judgement.”

Leave your thoughts in the comments. Are you for or against Tara?


  1. Tara should stay yet I think Jax needs her to back him more with the club. She needs to accept the club as if its her child as Jax is the Father A.K.A. President/owner. Jax is the club and the club is Jaxs life. So Back your man no matter the move Tara!

  2. It does not look evenly divided from all these comments. Everyone seems to like the character of Tara. Maggie Siff portrays her perfectly. Sutter does not cast any better than this. Charlie Hunnam said that he had never enjoyed any other collaboration with a fellow actor as much as he does this one.

  3. I think Tara and Jax are great together. It’s nice to see a badass that can be faithful at the same time. They should let the other guys have the “temporary” girls. To me he is sexier when he turns down the women and goes home to her.

  4. I think they are an awesome couple, I actually get all upset at Jax when he goes off with that slut porn girl. They are a strong couple and its good to see them like that cause yes they are opposites but opposites attract. And her smarts and his muscle is a GREAT combination. ( but if you are looking for someone to replace her with you can hit me up LOL)!!

  5. Good for him how? As an outlaw biker or as a person? Tara keeps Jax grounded. She fills a void in his soul that he has been trying to fill for a long time.

  6. I think Tara is good for Jax. They make as good couple and they balance each other out.And Jax got her into a bunch of mess to start with why get rid of her now after she pretty much ruined her career and credibility.

  7. I like Tara sometimes. Honestly i would love to see some competition for her. I will say this she really loves Jax and she does show her bitchy side when she needs too. I believe she would seriously knock the crap out of anyone who try’s to mess with her family.

  8. I love her. I think she has more than earned her right to be where she’s at. She deserves respect.

  9. i love terra.. it will always be her and jax.. she is a strong chick and is good for him…

  10. terra is really good for jax and she will put jemma in her place when she gets out of line after jax takes vp

  11. “Never fear my friends, for in the end, all things must pass!” Gemma, though she is not ready to pass the torch, realizes that Tara must take her position as the club’s old lady. Tara is strong, intelligent and completely loyal to Jax. She also has touch amd is accepted by the world outside the club which is so vital in keeping the club moving forward. The ominous image transposed of the photograph at the end of last season indicates she is following in the evolution of the club.

    She has to stay. Besides, maybe in Season 5 she can do a T & A scene with Jax! I know a lot of the male viewers agree with me as well as some of you females. C’mon, be honest! That will definitely get some new viewers. In response to Kelly, her character DOES EXIST in the “real” biker world.

  12. Tara is the best for jax, and if you take her away it would be a shame. In real life there is often a mix of two different people together and it works better than anything. You can feel the love with those two and it is believable, as if it was in real life.

  13. I honestly think she needs to be removed in this show. It is very unrealistic thinking her character would even fit into the real biker world. I never liked her in the role from day one.

  14. Im torn on this decision. I love Tara. She is so strong. I definitely don’t want her off the show but she needs to come to the realization that that’s who Jax is. She knew it to begin with. She can be good for the club. Just needs to realize what she and Jax and Gemma are capable of

  15. Tara is great for Jax’s she makes him see the true side of Clay. She has also been a great mother to his kids.

  16. I enjoy Tara’ s a needed role to fill as a woman other than his mother and better than hs wife. The history makes people think, someone who is not afraid of Gemma and willing to go toe to toe with her. My hopes is to see Tara and Jax married, and I hope to see a true loyalty that she’s earned(the countless, dick momments, career ending shit). I’d like to his sister visit and be against Gemma, and holding more clues to the past. I thinks she’s earned a few fuck ups, can’t wait to see if they be toward Clay, Gemma, Wendy, Ima, or some innocent. All in all I think there can’t be another female, and if she’d takn off the show it would deminish all of the other roles.

    1. Tara has no one to blame for the “career ending shit” except herself, it was her lies and refusal to tell Jax the truth that got Piney killed and her hand banged up the first time and the second time she did it to herself. It is long past time for Tara to take responsibility for the things she has caused.

  17. Tara is great and if more Women were this way towards their Men. I think we would have as many Good Men as we do Women…..

  18. Tara is much better for Jax than Wendy ever was. Even though she did consider a abortion back in the third season, she gave birth and it’s a lot better than what wendy did. If Wendy comes back all she’ll do is cause problems and go right back in to using crank yet again. I’m nor for abortion but what she did is in the same rank as those who went through with it. At least Abel will get to live to see life and hopefully reject wendy and call tara mommy.

  19. I think Tara is great for Jax…..although she appears to be a goodie goodie but she has a darker side to her too!

  20. Yeah, Tara is good for Jax. She provides grounding for him so he doesn’t go off the deep end. Marriage is a juggling act with each partner trying to balance their own needs and purposes with their partner’s needs and purposes. But don’t expect it to be a smooth ride. Some of it is bound to be off road, in the gravel and thru some pretty thick mud. The trick is to keep the rubber side down.

  21. I think Tara is awesome, Not affraid of anything, yet she is a doctor as well. She is hot and can take anything Jema can dish out…. I think she can be a bad ass. Keep her.

  22. Do not get rid of Tara she is good for the Show Jax,s Needs a good women behind him and the Club needs a good Doctor you know its the other Bitch that need to go Tara raised her kid as her own so Jax,s ex needs to go . If Tara go,s i wont watch the show no more I hope to say you better keep her

    1. Tara is gonna be a bad ass bitch……Gemma trained her well…shes gonna be the next generation Gemma but a meaner bitch..cant wait till sept..i love this show…

  23. Tara & Jax are fantastic together. She has smoothed some of his rough edges and she has had to grow very close to her inner-bitch without wimping out.

  24. Tara is totally good for Jax! She keeps him grounded. She totally ticks me off sometimes, but I love Jax, and think she is great for him;)

  25. I think Tara needs to stay if she doesn’t clay will have her dead. Tara has come full circle she is now in for life and will be one hell of a queen.

  26. I hope Jax and Tara to stay together until the final season of SOA, because I think Tara is the difference between good and evil in the life of Jax, Jax without Tara will live on the margins.
    Never remove Tara SOA!
    I love Tara and Jax together!

  27. Tara is great for Jax. In the beginning, she was a goody 2 shoes who wanted to play by the rules but helped the club any time they needed her. She’s now seen things and things have happened to her. She’s an old lady now and she has Jax’s back. In the bathroom, she asked him if he loved her. If he REALLY loved her because that was the turning point for her where she became an old lady and is in it for the long haul.

  28. I think Tara is great for Jax she helps him stay on his feet with the right mindset. If it was not for her to come back in the first season he would be f****d. She has helped him get through sh*t and Jax has helped her through sh*t. They are the future for Samcro whether Gemma or really anyone else give a damn!!

  29. I think Tara is good for Jax but I don’t know if Jax is good for her. She is a good girl and Jax got her in the whole mess of trouble, killing people and shit. She has proven herself to Jax and the club a few times. I wouldnt want to see him with anyone else though. I would like to see some competetion, other than his half sister. WTF was that all about?

  30. yes Tara is great for Jax, (I would be better lol) Tara is keeping Jax alive as he is not souly focused on the club, he needs her for his strength, I need him for my bed lol

  31. Yes! She is good for Jax. He needs a respectable woman to help even him out from his dangerous and criminal way of life.

  32. Tara is great for Jax she keeps him focused and keeps him true to himself and his emotions. Tara and Jax have come a long way to have everything taken away from them and when Jax takes over as Prez. of the club Tara will make a great President’s ol’lady….She’s got what it takes to take on that role…..KEEP TARA & JAX TOGETHER!!!!!!

  33. See, the whole show is loosely based on Macbeth- Clay is Macbeth, Jax is Malcom, JT was Duncan, Gemma is Lady Macbeth. Opie is Macduff.

    So seriously, Opie should theoretically be the one to kill Clay. But throughout the play, there’s no real mention of a wife of Malcom, she’s not a major character as Malcom was gone in England, raising an army. That gives Kurt Sutter a LOT of room to play around with Tara’s character. Lady Macbeth is grooming her for replacing her, wanting her to be a strong matriarch when she finally descends into full madness/illness. But there’s always that creative license to consider. Jax MUST become Prez. But how that comes to be, it won’t matter. It’s the whole byplay between him and Tara that let it be a more appealing show to a broader audience. I love Tara. I will be sad/pissed when/if she goes. I think it’s most likely that she’s going to take on the aspect of malcom(jax) to flee and raise an army. She’s broken, and mad now, and might take off with Thomas, leaving Abel to the mercies of his birth mom and Jax to his fate. We’ll just have to wait and see.
    But Tara is integral to Jax, as is Wendy(much as it pains me to say it)

  34. Tara and Jax need to stay together!!! she’ll be the perfect queen, she keeps Jax in line !!! need some more steamy scenes with them though!!! 😉

  35. I think Tara and Jax belong together. They have come to far to give up now. She is gaining the resect that she needs to be the queen. She deserves to be right next to her man at the head of the table.

  36. I think Tara is good for Jax and the club. We all saw that power play at the end of the last season. I am really hoping to see her evolved a lot more in this coming season. Gemma wasn’t always a hard, kick ass chick, she evolved too.

  37. I believe she has potential to become JUST like Gemma but not quite as bad yes Dr Pussy is clouding his mind So kill the bitch off or turn her around and make her the Queen Mother

  38. Yes, Tara is a good purson for Jax b/c She sometimes keeps Jax on his toes and her and Abel and Thomas keep Jax going and not giving up.

  39. Id like to see Tara stay. Shes good for Jax and the two of them balance each other. She could be a little less snotty & a bit tougher .. just never like Jemma. Jemma is one of a kind and is the BEST!
    I love the show and cant wait for the season to start.

  40. I think Tara puts Jax on the fence but it also keeps him humble…she is a wonderully written character so far…I don’t want ger to become like Gemma tho…to an extent I can understand she needs to have the hard edge Gemma has but I hope Tara doesn’t lose herself in the process! Without her Jax. Would be totally lost & the show would take a turn for the worst in my opinion!

  41. Yes Tara is really good for Jax. She’s the only one who can keep him thinking straight. I think she will make a great queen to Jax king of SOA.

  42. i like tara is good for jax i think she make the show with jax , she help jax out and help the club

  43. Hey, it’s taken Tara a long time to learn “the life.” Now that she understands it, keep her. Plus, there is such a strong bond between her and Jax, it would be heart-wrenching to see those two part. I love watching the chemistry of those two together!

  44. Tara has been thru more than anyone and considering she’s deciding to stay by Jax’s side after all of it…..hell yeah she is good for him. She is exactly what he needed to get not only himself but the club back in track where it should be, where his real father wanted it to be.

  45. I LOVE THIS SHOW !!! I watch it faithfully…purchase clothing/hats from the website…gotten others involved in watching it…so on & so on…Tara good for Jax? HELL YES!!! I do not feel that she will “replace” Gemma but rather “join” her. They all basically feel the same about the “club” so let them make it RIGHT again…..go back to being the bad guys that you’ve come to love (1st…kill Clay) If Tara was to split with Jax or leave the show….I for one will no longer watch from that point on.

  46. No, I don’t think she is good for Jax.
    The role of Gemma is already taken so creating her in that mold is redundant.
    Also in the end of season 4 did no one else find it really creepy the way she was asking Jax and Gemma to tell her that they loved her?????????

    1. Yes! That was just totally creepy how tara did that! But I think it was to establish the fact that tara was on the edge of insanity & where she was going with life once the decision was made…the episodes after her hand was hurt portrayed her in an overall creepy way!

  47. Yes she is great for him shes bringing him back to the family, she is also supporting the club side so YES she is good for him!

  48. I love Tara, but agree with some of the comments she is becoming more like Gemma. My opinion is that the club business affects the women too much, they should be protected more from the clubs activities, not be clueless, they need to know, and accept, but it seems more and more is about the woman having to be strong. I think they should be strong but for their man, not for fighting and club shit. Bro’s before Ho’s is what is said, and it has to be that way… The women have a great purpose, being women, it’s what we are… supportive, loving, mom’s, a safe place to come home too without hassles or bitching. Just lots of love..

  49. i’m kinda torn on the idea of her staying. in some ways i like her, but seems like she stirs up a lot of crap for the club.

  50. I love SOA, & think Tara is so good for Jax.. keep SOA moving in right direction.. awesome show.

  51. I think if Tara gives up on her career (now that her hand is crap) she can put her time and effort into being the matriarch of the Sons. She’ll need to kick some serious ass now that Skank is back (Able’s birth mother). I hate that bitch but she will definitely add some excitement to the show!

  52. Tara is this gens Gemma…. hardass when she needs to be but provides the common sense for balance.

  53. I love Tara, and I want to tear her fucking guts out.

    I love the fact that she stands on her own in so many ways. She is independent, she is smart and for the most part she is a strong woman. I enjoy the fact that she isn’t a Photoshopped “ten” which leaves room to enjoy her character and not just stare at her tits. The fact that she isn’t an idiot and she is loyal makes her that much more sexy in so many ways.

    What I can’t stand about her is that she puts up with Jax’s shit. I don’t like that she hurt herself instead of beating Wendy’s face in when Wendy came to see her in the hospital. I like her how she was in the beginning, the show seems to have written her as a character who on her own terms is becoming Gemma. I don’t want another Gemma, i want Tara to stay Tara, end of story.

    My two cents…


    1. i so agree cathy she is so sweet and strong a true biker bitch and jax needs that in his life i think they should take out clay so jax can take over soa .go jax your fans got your back !!!!!!!!!!

    2. that all sounds nice, but makes for a boring story line. I like Tara, but she needs to suck it up and deal with the BS that will def continue to come their way.

  55. I’m all for Tara. Think she is great for Jax and also gives Gemma a run for her money. Gemma has taught her to be the way she is so its great to see Tara giving Gem a challenge. keep her on I say.

  56. No, she is not because she wants him to leave the club which is the main reason for the show I mean come on people. She knew how dangerous it was to be his girl and she got herself into it so she needs to deal with it or leave him.

  57. Tara is OK, she’s the Mother of one of their children! If it weren’t for her, the reformed crack-head with the extensions (everywhere…) would be right back in there. I don’t want to see the children suffer.

  58. Tara doesn’t fit the show, she should have tried out for CSI or something investigative..

    I do like that they picked a brunette, stick with that.. 😉

  59. I think that jax and tara should stay together all the way, no matter how bad clay wants her gone. the show just would not be the same if they take her out…….so i vote to keep her on as well as all the other characters, SOA RULES!

  60. Tara is perfect for Jax and the show. Whoever cast her was a genius IMO. She is someone that women can relate to, she’s real. She isn’t plastic, she has faults, isn’t drop dead gorgeous, but very pretty. It’s the “normal” good girl with an edge when she needs it and the hot bad boy. Perfect!

  61. Tara is PERFECT for Jax!!! She gives him balance, a family and she has come into her own. She’s not afraid to stand up to ANYONE. And I love her for that!!

  62. hell no u beter keep her in she is a big part of the show , now clay can go u dont heart your club members,dam back staber,this show rock;s i cant what for each secine to start,,,,,,,,,,tyler

  63. I think you should keey Tara she been on the show since it started and she had his second baby plus she does a hell of a nice job on the show Thanks Thomas

  64. I think Tara is great for jaxs couldn’t see him being
    Without her, he needs her . And I think she is great
    One of my favs

  65. Tara and Jax are great together. She knows what it takes to keep Jax out of Jail. And she will do anything to protect him. Tara needs to stay on the show.

  66. I love Tara and she is good for Jax. She is standing by her man like all women should. I love Jemma too but she is just going to have to deal with the new Queen.

  67. Tara would not be who she is without Jax, and Jax would not who he is without Tara. As long as Tara remains the way she is, she is great for the show.

    Remove Tara from the show……….NO WAY

  68. Question is, is Jax good for Tara? Seems like she catches all the crap because of her relationship with him and the club. She loves him, but how long will she put up with that?

  69. Please leave Tara alone. I think she’s good for jax and I can’t stand shows who have a couple that finally make it through the shit and starts trouble just because they need a story line. Now that he’s taken over hopefully her teenage mean streak will come out.

  70. Yes! Absolutely. Tara keeps Jax grounded through all the Good, Bad and the ugly. I like Tara! She is a key personality on SOA. I believe she has earned her place in the show as well as with the MC.

  71. Acouple years ago I would have said HELL NO! But now you can see it in her that she is changing. I think she will turn out to be a little bad ass with the club. I’m sure Gema wasn’t always the Hot Bad Ass that she is now. So with that said Yes they are good for each other….

  72. They are perfect for each other. Jax will always try to do right by his family and the club but we all know he falls off track. Falling off track is where Tera takes over and pushes jax in the right direction. Now that things have changed Tera will be the queen of the place even gema doesn’t like it. Gema wanted a tough hard bi*ch well there she is! Tera!

  73. I think that Tara is Great for Jax. Please do not get rid of her.
    I also think that she has been really good for the club. Since so many of them get hurt she can take care of them.

  74. I don’t matter if she’s good for him or not. If she’s worth a damn as an ol’ lady, she’d know her place and stay in it. If he’s worth a damn as a patch holder, HE’D know her place and make sure she stays in it.

  75. Tara…where to even begin with Tara…I mean does anyone really know her background? I think she used to be Jax’s steady girl back in the day – but then she left and came back with ‘Psycho Dutch (from The Shield) in tow’…so she’s obviously been somewhat involved in ‘the life’ at least as much as she dated Jax and obviously Gemma was not happy to see her back in Jax’s life – at least not at first. I think she did not have a rough an upbringing as Gemma – but she looks to be the up and comer – to replace Gemma as matriarch…now lets just see if she hooks up with Opie and then they have Jax murdered.
    By the way – if you read this Kurt/Otto – I’m still really torqued that you killed off Piney – he was an awesome old dude. And Clay can burn in hell for doing it.

  76. I think they are great for each other!! I became addicted when I saw them hook up the first time after he killed the psycho stalking her.

  77. This worse thing for any man is to straddle the fence… That’s where Tara keeps Jax. He’ll continue to be a tortured soul until he decides what life he wants to lead…
    Having said that… A tortured soul makes for great TV… It’ll be cool to see Tara in the roll of the Club Queen…

    1. Tara is good for Jax, she helps him stay out of more trouble that he would be getting into. Its going to be nice to see how Gemma accepts Tara as the new “Queen”. Tara can handle it, she is learning the lifestyle fast. Who would they have to help with the bullet holes and other things that happen. Keep Tara for Jax.

  78. I am very interested in the way the storyline is unfolding but have always felt Tara’s character provides a good balance to the story.

  79. Tara is great for Jax. She might put Jemma in place. When is the next season? Can hardly wait

    1. Gemma isn’t going to like Tara at all. Tara willl be the new queen when Jax becomes the president of the club and Gemma isn’t going to accept that as she has been queen for too long. Tata is good for Jax, she is understanding more about the biker lifestyle.

  80. Yes, Tara is good for Jax. Better than sow he had Abel with, I really don’t like her and she could get Jax killed.

  81. There is no one but Tara for Jax. Like hand in a glove ;o)
    I would be very sorry if she was being wrote out of the series.

    Best regards from
    Rikki in Denmark

  82. I love Tara, Jax loves Tara, America loves Tara…..they need to stay together. If they don’t I won’t want to watch the show. Tara and Jax are the show!

  83. Yes, Tara is good for Jax but Tara is not good for the Sons. She makes Jax cautious and indecisive and a strong club, needs a strong Prez.

  84. Tara is the only way Jax is gonna stay alive and out of jail! They bring out the best in each other and are realistic in the unuasual situations. So my vote is YES she’s his perfect other half.

    1. I love Tara. The show would not be the same without her. Behind every great man is a great women. She is a touch girl and continues to surprises me. I can’t wait to see what happens this season.

  85. I love Tara. Her and Jax are perfect for each other. Tara can be a bad ass when she needs to be.

  86. tara is perfect for jax..that and she would be the perfect matriarch..she is definately important in her role and in jax’s aswell

  87. I think Tara and Jax make a great couple they really even each other out, she not too hot but she has a very suttle beauty, and I think none of the female viewers would like to see him with ables mom or a bunch other sluts.

  88. No Tara is terrible for Jax. I am just perfect for them on the other hand…..(only kidding Tara is Great for Jax!!)

    1. Yes I think she is…. she helps keep him in line, but sometimes she so self centered……. she’s way better than any that he has been with…I would so love to see her have some new competition …Jax a new love interest and let the games begin!! It would help to liven up the show….

      1. Yea, it is crazy self centered to not want to be in danger or have your kids in danger. What a selfish b word. 😉

        1. A’meeeeen! I love Tara Jax together because in so many ways she IS good for him. However, it seems this relationship has been very one-sided since season 5. She’s sacrificed her career, morals, freedom, and, above all, her self-identity. Jax doesn’t seem to have sacrificed much. I think Tara has finally gotten to the point of realizing Jax cares more about this club than his family’s well-being. These two boys are in danger and he doesn’t care (whether that’s due to the culture or not, it doesn’t matter–in the end, his family is in the backseat) because as long as his club is surviving then everything else doesn’t matter. Any good mother would do what Tara is doing: she’s not waiting. She’s taking action in protecting herself, but most of all, her children. *Spoiler alert for what’s happened up until Episode 6×02:

          She has laid out a plan I case she WERE to go to prison. The first thing she thinks about is: I need protection inside (like Jax has done throughout the series whenever he’s about to go to prison. He never thinks about how this will affect his family, he cares primarily for his survival); she thinks about what’s the best way to keep her children protected. She’s not happy to “give them over” to Wendy, but she knows that’s the best alternative.

          I love Tara. She’s the only character left in the series that I believe DESERVES a happy ending–well, her and Bobby. The rest of the characters have dug their own graves. They’ve back-stabbed, lied, cheated, hurt, and killed one another for their own PERSONAL wants. Although Tara has done all of those things listed as well, most were done for SELFLESS reasons.
          For 4 seasons she fueled that humane part of Jax. However, as stated before, this relationship is one-sided. She deserves better. During the first 4 seasons, I thought Jax would prove he was good for Tara, but then season 5 occurred and that thought has gone.

          I hope at the end of the series, Tara is somewhere far away from Charming with her two children. I hope she’s married to a man that puts those boys and Tara’s well-being first and would not hesitate to sacrifice his own self to protect something that has been GOOD to/for him. Jax is protecting a club that not only killed his father, but his greatest advisor (Piney), his best friend (Opie), and also was the reason why his first-born was kid-napped, and drove both of his wives to move towards the “dark side”. This club is lethal. There is no good within it.

          1. I meant, she does NOT first think about getting protection on the inside like Jax does throughout the series. Her first response IS: how do I best keep my children safe.

    2. Tara and Jax should stay togeter they came to far not to be i think that Tara is good for Jax I HOPE THEY STAY HAPPY LOVE THE SONS OF ANARCHY

    3. I love Tara and Jax. I think it is their love for eachother that makes him the man who can relate to his father’s writings….I think taking tara off the show would be a huge mistake