Sons of Anarchy Artwork

It’s amazing at the quantity and quality of the SOA releated artwork created. Here is a small sample of stuff I found on Facebook.


  1. My son Mark drew the 9 of the cast members after meeting Charlie Hunnam when he was filming Pacific Rim. Charlie liked his work and took the drawings to L.A. and all were signed by the cast with the exception of Piney as he was already off the show and Kurt Sutter would not allow it. Mark has Asperger’s Syndrome and is currently in art school. The originals were auctioned off and 25 limited edition sets are for sale, of which 14 remain. A set of all nine (14 x18) are $625.00 plus shipping. You can see them on Mark’s website.

  2. Who did the piece with Jax and Bobby(?) in front of the restaurant?? Would love to see some more work and definitely interested in purchasing some from them. Love all the artwork, wish I could do it!

  3. Isn’t my intention to spam all of you. Only mentioned because I am a SOA fan too and I do sell my work lol.

    1. Charles, I appreciate your post. Though I love the art and envy the talent of the previous artists, I started to think I was at an auction or a flea market. Just in my opinion, one link to give people the opportunity to see your work if you have a site…I’d really enjoy seeing your work.

      I love looking at the other artists’ work, also – unbelievable talent! Just too many repetitions of the “where you can buy my prints” links? I’m not trying to be disrespectful to the previous artists. If I could draw/paint like that, you wouldn’t be able to turn on your computer without seeing a pop-up for MY art site! (That won’t be happening…. :/ )

      Just trying to say I love SOA, the story, the actors, the characters…now I get to see the ART!!! It’s exciting and always fantastic to see beautiful art that has come right from a person’s own hands. Just wanted to thank all the artists for giving me the privilege of looking at their interpretations of SOA characters through their art, but would also be interested in looking at Mr. Dearing’s also, if possibe? Thanks to the artists for sharing a look at their talent with the rest of us.

    1. Whoever posted these should post them to Zazzle, or cafe press, sounds like people here want to buy your artwork:)

  4. The drawing of Jax without his shirt is beautifully detailed, proportion, shadowing, the veins in the back of the hands, almost like a photo. Thank you for sharing the drawings, would love to see more drawings.