Is Clay Dead?

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  1. Yummily says:

    As much of a jerk that Clay is, the show just would not be the same without him. Without Clay, who will cause all the drama and BS within the club?

    • tiffany says:

      Finally someone who agree with me. clay got lost it will not be the same without him

    • Ghell says:

      I totally agree with Yummily but at the same time, the result of Clay’s death can cause a shit storm of trouble for the Sons, with all of Clay’s lies to everyone, the cartel, the Niners, the Irish Kings… coming back on the club and bitting them in the ass. I can see the cartel becoming the source of trouble for the Sons. And for one, I am so happy that Opie was the one to shoot Clay.
      One thing’s for sure… this is the no.1 show on tv… period!!!

  2. JoAnn says:

    Clay will live or the show will not stand a chance. Love this show .

  3. Laszlo Domokos says:

    they’ve got another season,at least,so this surely adds more twists to the saga

  4. selina kyle says:

    clay sucks at life… i dont know how there can be a show after this WITH him… fuck him..

  5. yankeefan says:

    i think clay will survive if you look at the shots again while they are bad they hit in areas that a person could survive. upper right near clays shoulder and lower left away from his liver.

  6. Jackie says:

    Clay is definitely alive; he got shot in the shoulder and on the side of his stomach probably missing major arteries. My guess is he is okay and he will put Opie in the ground just like he did pinney. Hope he doesnt kill opie, his character is awesome. Other theory i have is Clay dies, therefore preventing Jax from leaving the club with Tara and the boys now that Bobby is in jail with juice, Its up to Jax to take over the gavel so we will see what happens in the final two episodes.

    • Tater says:

      Absolutely what I have been saying! Jax would have a lot of cleanup to do that Clay created. 2 more seasons easy with Clay dead!!!

  7. joe white says:

    In order for the show to progress, Clay needed to go. We all have been wondering who will run the club when Clay goes. Now we can find out. Maybe not the same drama, but drama none the less.

    • lil joe says:

      IF clay is dead (he deserves to be) This may be what keeps Jaxs around but the club is about broken with snitching n back stabbing can it be saved cant wait to find out!!!

  8. Chabo says:

    Unfortunately ~ Clay will survive. What would that do to the show to lose the one we love to hate ? But it would be so much better if he did die ! He doesn’t deserve to run that club one more day kids ~ time for change.

  9. Lynn says:

    Opie should have used Piney’s .45 , it would have killed him. Clay will live.

  10. Norma B. says:

    I don’t think the show needs the Clay character to ‘survive’ – not at all. It needs Gemma, and Jax – but, not Clay. He’s a sack ‘o shite and good riddens to him – hope Opie did do him in!

  11. Matthew Y. says:

    He was warned the op was coming so ofcourse clay “Pussy blood” put a bullet proof vest on.

    • TJBananas says:

      But check the wall, there was blood, so he did get hit. My thought is that Tara will have to patch him up. They need Clay alive to get out of the Cartel. But it would be totally against club rules to leave Clay alive after this. Blood for blood.

  12. Adrianne says:

    I think he’s dead….didn’t the preview for the next show have a scene where Clay was sitting on the ground against something and the guys talking about who to blame it on? Brothers in a club don’t kill brothers like Clay did to Piney, without consequences.

  13. Big John Soa Fan says:

    I think that with the meeting that Clay was going to with the Irish and Mex. Cartel that he was wearing a vest. I think that Jax will have to run the club for a while and that they will have to do a lot of wheeling and dealing to get out of the whole drug trade.

  14. Anthony Savage says:

    I think had to have vest on after Gemma warned him bout Opie so don’t think he dies then but I do think Jaxs and Opie kill him.

  15. Stan says:

    The bullets didn’t hit Clay in parts of his body that would kill him outright, but I believe he will be killed and Ron Perlman will leave the show. Gemma, Jax, and Opie all have motives for him to die far beyond the point of reconciliation. The only way he would is if he returned as an antagonist to SAMCRO. Great story line and writing…it’s keeping me guessing for sure. I didn’t think Opie was going to shoot him, but he sure did!

  16. Carmen Gonzalez says:

    I missed the episode! !! :'( someone please give me a recap please!

  17. Jo says:

    Clay took one to the outter chest, away from the vital organs, will most likely skim by a lung on it’s way out.

    the second shot will most likely do more damage, but is not life threatening if treated rapidly. Will have damaged some internal organs, but the vitals are still O.K.

    Clay will be in the hurt locker for a while, but still around.

    this is my unprofessional opinion!

  18. Natalie says:

    Definitely blood splatter clay was shot

  19. Jose Marques says:

    Clay is dead. His fall begins with the show. He can´t run the club, he made horrible things on this season and all will came to surface. If Clay don´t die, Jax is out. Jax out is the end of the show. Now he have a reason to stay. He will somehow stop bussiness with cartel and the SAMCRO is not busted by that agent. After everything he does this year, there´s no more space for him. If Opie was not killed him, everyone will want kill.

  20. TAZMAN says:

    Clay will not die but his character will not be around as much. Jax will run the club and get them out of the Cartel mess. The main focus will be on the Feds and getting the club back in order. The SOA and the Mexicans will be at war. Who knows for sure. Surprises are in store.

  21. Reno says:

    Clay is dead. Watch the trailer for next week. It shows him in the garage propped up against tool boxes with Unser looking over him with a look of “oh CRAP” on his face!

  22. Hulkster says:

    Clay sucks donkey dicks.

  23. pickle jones says:

    hell live!!! somehow theyll fix em ujp

  24. matt says:

    I think the outcome could go either way but i think he’ll survive just cause i think that jacks deserves to kill him even without clay on the show i think the cast can carry the show especially with jema and jacks

  25. Kristen says:

    Wouldn’t it be intersting if Tara, the doctor, was put in the position to save his life after JUST finding out Clay tried to end hers? Hmmm…

  26. kane1010 says:

    Jax is the main character, Clay was more than like woiring a vest anyways he will live

  27. Beck says:

    I want Clay dead, it will bring the change in the club as Jax would have to stay to clean it up.
    I also would like to know who this agent is. My best friend & I have a theory that it’s JT & he was never really killed all those years ago. Now he is back to destroy the club that destroyed him! So to us Clay must go!

    • Russ says:

      I agree. Gemma asked i know you, to which potter said ” I dont believe so”

      Also when potter was in another charter club, he saw a picture on the wall and I think he took it down. Makes me think he was in another club. With plastic surgery anything is possible.

      • Patrick says:

        I thought the same thing about the Agent. His actions have been very strange and made me think he is John Teller trying to come back and save the club from itself. Remember that he said he would leave the sons alone and use them only for RICO. I am very curious as to how all this plays out.

  28. Grimm Reaper says:

    Clay is dead !!!! In next weeks preview he is in the garage , If they were going to try to save him they wouldn’t have moved him to the garage . They would have taken him to the hospital . I’m guessing Clays last minutes were filled with regret .

  29. Patricia says:

    The day Clay is out of the picture is the day that the show loses its edge. And probably a number of viewers.

  30. dee says:

    Clay will live– he’s too nasty to die–and besides, not enough people got their revenge on him… it would short change the them & the show if he died at Opie’s hand…. The show needs the Jax/Clay friction going on…. Yeah, Clay won’t die——YET!

  31. Russ says:

    I think Clay is dead but will be doing cameo’s as a ghost.

  32. Jamie says:

    I dnt think clay us dead I think he’s going to go nomad and I also think john teller isn’t dead n he is going to cme back n stir a bunch of shit up!

  33. cody says:

    Clay most likely was wearing a bullet proof vest… gemma warned him and clay isn’t stupid….

  34. Grimm says:

    If Clay does die who do you think they will nominate to run the club?Do you think they’ll stick to code and the next man will become in charge or will they nominate Jax since he got em into the “high stakes” money game?

    • Nikkirowe02 says:

      Jax is the next man in line whether nominated or not. He is the VP. The only people who know he is planning on leaving are shot, the shooter, or in lock up.

  35. debra loustau says:

    I do not have any audio, which is a bummer, but from what I can tell Clay could survive, but not by Tara, she thinks he’s shit, and she knows that he started this whole thing, by having J.T.’s letters, I just wish I had the audio, it is kinda hard to see what’s going on, does anybody have this problem?

  36. Farthead says:

    Gemma warned him, he had a bullet proof vest on!!!

  37. taz says:

    clay will make it through this , but he will die,,aparentley only one season left anyway.

  38. kiki says:

    Gemma & Wayne played a huge part in John Tellers death!!! Remember when Clay said to Gemma that SHE Killed JT ( John Teller)!!!! And She took a couple letters out before she gave them to Jax!!! Hmmmmmmmm Gemma is just as sick as Clay…. We all love to hate them:)

  39. caroline says:

    omfg i think clay is awesome but he still deserves to die i mean he killed opies dad that just jacked up and your right i think it was cool that opie killed clay also it wouldnt be the same without clay he is like the second mane star cause jax is the first.

  40. Jeffrey says:

    Jax wife Tera say she had to go work in county jail opie is not dead watch its all was a good set up

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