Who’s the Toughest Character on Sons of Anarchy?

By James Plouf

My vote goes to Clay. Now that Donna is dead Opie has become a ‘natural born killer.’ Then there’s Gemma – they don’t get much tougher that one.

  1. danielle says:

    I have to say Gemma then Happy, Clay, Jax, Opie and then Tara!

    • Hector says:

      Happy AFFA .

    • anghe says:

      I have to say jax is the most hottest thing tht happen on tv ever

    • Jay says:

      Gemma & Clay are tied for devious plotting skills. Opie & Happy seem to be the toughest fighters of the group based on size and craziness. But if I’m not mistaken the article is called who is the toughest. As to significantly what that applies to I’m not sure but that’s a very bloated question. If I was to simplify it more I would have to say all around who is the smartest, strongest, best shot, best fighting skills, best survival skills, plotting, organization, etc etc etc. but I do know you can’t just name several people that’s bullshit. The article is who IS the toughest character. Not who ARE the toughest characters. So by that rationale hands down this goes to Jax of course. He wins in overall intelligence by a landslide. But beyond that he is by far the most well rounded character. It could be argued that he’s the strongest and best fighter. He’s not as devious as Clay or Gemma but he has his moments. I wouldn’t think he’s the most proficient with firearms since other members are ex-military, but he is definitely skilled. He is the best at surviving and pushing through and we’ve seen that many times as he has constantly held the club together by a thread against all odds. And come on he’s the main fucking protagonist he’s going to push on until possibly the last episode if they decide to kill him off in the series finale. He has an unstoppable rage as we’ve seen him take down enemies twice his size with ease. So all in all Jax is pretty much overall the toughest most well rounded character. He’s like a player character in a video game he just keeps getting stronger and stronger as the story progresses. Frankly I’m surprised no one picked him it really should have been obvious. On a side note Chibs is definitely the second contender with his military skills. He is by far the most proficient with firearms he just doesn’t quite match Jax’s intelligence and motivation to succeed. I mean Chibs was fooled by Juice. While we hardly ever see anyone play Jax. Nor have we ever really seen Jax loose a fight. We have seen Jax bust open huge gangbangers faces with no more than two punches.

  2. jas says:

    l reckon gemma l reakon she was the 1 that set up john tellers death

  3. mitch says:

    gemma hands down.

  4. Mary says:

    Gemma is the baddest and biggest Bitch of all..

  5. Lori says:

    Happy is the toughest member of samcro!! He has no fear and no problem taking anyone down!

  6. i love them all ,the show is the best and i love Tuesday night..

  7. Audrey says:

    Gemma and Happy handsdown

  8. Jr says:

    Tigs…and if you have to ask why then you don’t watch the show close enough.

  9. Dan says:

    Physically Kyle has to be up there… having someone take a blowtorch to your back is nails, but then still wanting so bad to be in the Club after that… can’t imagine it.

    But Gemma is unbelievably tough both physically and mentally… shot, beaten, raped, prison, etc…

  10. Pam says:

    Definitely Gemma!!

  11. Brian Ingram says:

    Opie is the man did every one forget what he did to the agent last year and he allready went to the pen,and as a bonus he has a porn star for a wife now, plus he is always first to ride out,and handled the mc while every one was away.Gemma go sit down whith your OLD man Clay..

  12. JAY D says:

    It is Happy and BIG OTTO are the toughest and it is not Gemma she is not a member she is just an Ol Lady!!

    • Abbey says:

      It’s not asking “who’s the toughest in the club.” It’s asking which character, and I say with everyone else, hands down, it has to be gemma. She is one bad ass bitch and id be scared to cross her path. Any of the others I wouldn’t be that scared to meet. I’m guessing its because she’s a woman that you say she’s not, but that’s me just guessing…

  13. kelly says:

    Gemma and Jax gotta be the ones!!!!

  14. kelly says:

    Gemma and Jax!!!!

  15. katrina ziegler says:

    i think it is chibs then tig ,juice and the hottest guy on the show jaxs and yes jemma is one bad ass bitch and for clay not so much i love this show i wish it was on everyday of the year tuesdays is pizza and wing nite cause i need to be ready for my jaxs love this movie hands down

  16. Gary Graham says:

    Come on we all ready know that Jax kicked Clays ass, so i know that Jax is the Toughest S.O.B. Also when Jax finds out that clay killed his father well you will see!! My vote goes to JAX!!!

  17. dina dalton says:

    i think its gemma then jax

  18. Candy says:

    Gema of course :)

  19. Gemma is not part of the club although, she is a bad ass bitch! She can influence some decisions. Clay is ruthless but, Tig is his muscle. He is more warped. I don’t trust him. Opie is pretty bad-ass, I guess he learned from his dad. He was bad-ass when Donna died but, now he has chilled since getting married. I like Chibbs. He could talk to me all night long. I think Juice and Happy are pretty bad-ass. They do what they’re told and don’t flinch. That’s pretty bad-ass. I think they are all pretty BAD-ASS. I wouldn’t want to be on their bad side.

  20. Abbey says:

    I’m saying hands down, gemma is one bad ass bitch. I love her!

  21. Tig. He didn’t get the position he has by sitting around doing nothing.

  22. Alyssa Nicole says:

    Juice is my favorite…..But the baddest mofos are Happs and Tig!!!!!

  23. Duane Pickett says:

    as far as the women go…Gemma is the toughest…and for the men i would have to say Jax

  24. sharmine says:

    Gemma is one bad broad! I would hate to be on her bad side. Sons of Anarchy on FX is one great show. Good thing I get to continue to watch all the twists and turns on FX because I am a DISH subscriber. Working for DISH I can tell you that I’d hate to be a DIRECTV customer because their dispute with FX.

  25. Josh says:

    You guys are idiots. Stop saying Gemma its whose the toughest. Here’s what this means if you put any of these characters one on one in an octogon no weapons who would win the fight. You seriously fucking think Gemma? Retards all of you. Also you can only pick one fucking character yes we know you want suck all of their dicks and you think they’re all badass. But that’s not the fucking question is it. That goes to the imbecile who just named every character like a bitch. And if you said anything other than Jax you got the question wrong you failed the test and you are an idiot.

  26. LadyJenn says:

    Everyone is forgetting about Piney. He’s the founding member. Plus J.T. Teller called him his Oldest, wisest and dearest friend!

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