Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Premier Gets Record Ratings

By James Plouf

Good news for fans and creator of Sons of Anarchy. Fox has released the rating for the premier episode and the numbers are extremely good.

Here is a snippet from the official released that came out yesterday from FX:

LOS ANGELES, September 7, 2011 – FX’s acclaimed hit drama series Sons of Anarchy roared back into action last night as the 90-minute season four premiere episode became the most-watched episode in the series’ history (Live+SameDay), and it is likely to be the most-watched single episode ever for an FX original series when Live+7 data is available from The Nielsen Company.

SOA Season 4 Premiere Most-Watched Episode Ever for the Series With 4.94 Million Total Viewers and 3.22 Million Adults 18-49

Premiere Telecast and Encore Run Combine for Total Audience of 7.25 Million Total Viewers and 4.76 Million Adults 18-49

Kurt Sutter made some kind of a promise that if the ratings were good he would invite a fan to his house for dinner and they would get to watch the show (with cast) together. Let’s see if he follows through on that claim.



  1. My brother suggested I may like this blog. He was totally right. This submit truly made my day. You can not consider just how so much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  2. Wow what a honor it would be to be invited to have dinner with the man who made SOA and to be able to watch the show with the cast I mean that would be amazing to meet the cast this is a amazing show I have watched since this show has begain and dont have any plans to watch anything else. Can wait til for Tuesdaysevery week with this show on its my fav day of the week lol home run Kurt

  3. I am 49 and I have never been the type of mother or grandmother who THOUGHT I would even like this show. My 24 year old son came over one night and asked if he could watch SOA, At first I told him no and then I gave in. I could not get enough of this show!! The club is a true family and if you try to screw them over, well then things aren’t gonna go so well for you. I missed the first couple episodes, but the I caught up on all the shows, I CANNOT believe I am so addicted to this show, But like every other show I’ve watched, it gets cut, SO COME ON EVERYONE AND GET ALL YOU FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO WATCH THIS SHOW, SO WE CAN HAVE MANY YEARS OF DAMN GOOD TV TO WATCH, I DON’T CARE IF i win this or not, I will always watch this show! amazing cast, I just hope hasselhoff doesn’t screw it up cause he is not a very good actor. Hell if he sucks, then the soa will have to “kill him off” COME ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. To begin with I like how they began getting out of prison, brief celebration of freedom. I think the plot unfolding for this season with seeing characters having babies, getting married is over shadowed by their freedom and getting back to business. As Jax says at the end of the episode “it’s just business” to the Russians . I suspect Jax will unearth some secrets that will dictate the future of the club. Loving the way the foundation has been set for this season. Will they move forward or break apart. Will they stick to their original values of outlaws or will they change into more enterprising criminal activity that once was taboo, and become a rift to that will make or break the club. There are still secrets to be told

  5. I never miss a show! My wife an I love watching this show together. Getting invited t a party and being able to meet the cast from SOA would be the greatest. I have watched this show from the start. I love Katie’s roll in this show. I would love to meet Kurt and shake his hnd an tell him that its a great show..

  6. I love this show, and have watched every episode more than once. The only thing i didn’t like this new season was the cop killing. Did SOA know he was an FBI agent?

  7. Season 4 started likeci thought awesome as always.
    I’ve been watching since the begining, xtremely great show..
    I watched the Shield and Kurt has brought his brilliance to another level with Sons.
    It would be so cool to have dinner and watch an episode with Kurt and Katie and some cast too.
    I left a club I was in and relate sooo much to this season.

  8. love the show been watching from day one bought every season on dvd and named my son after jax. Stand up white boys playing some white boy games.

  9. It would mean everything to this Cunt if I could mingle with Kurt, Katy , and the cast , ( or some of the cast) or even just Kurt and Katy. I bet the 2 of you throw a mean party , I named my puppy after Katy’s Roll ( Gemma ) and Kurt your brilliant,…….♥ SOA ♥ fuckin ROCKS!!!!!! Love you all ♥

  10. Hate that I don’t live in the US so I’m still waiting to see it :(( hurry up and show it in Australia!!!

  11. This show has been an amazing savior for me..So many bad things in my life and this show allows me to loose myself and feel like im living another life! I tell EVERYONE i know how great this show is! LOVE IT

  12. Well he damn well deserves those ratings !!! Amazing show and you can tell he cares about his viewers 100% . I’f anything we should all be bringing him out for dinner!!!

    Way to go Sutter and cast and crew

  13. Omg what i wouldnt do to hang out with kurt at his house and the rest of the crew.. That would be totaly amazing!!!!!!!!

  14. SOA rated best of the best, they are the real deal, highly watched, sort after drama/action tv series of our time, it wil be a priviledge an honour to be in there presence and to top it off share a meal wikkid, gd luck to all whu are entering this wil be an experience of a life tyme

  15. i’m a sons of burgundy fan!!!! yes in france!!!! i hope i ll be the only one choose to come in usa!!!!

    i like the first episode , i’m a fan since the first episode of the first season.

  16. I loved the premier episode!!! I can tell it will be another phenomenal season. I know a lot of people are hating on the fact Kurt Sutter is bring on David Hasselhoff but I honestly believe Kurt knows what he is doing and wouldn’t cast anyone that would down-grade the show!!! Kurt seems to be a genius when it comes to writing and creating!!!!

    1. Brenda I agree. This is the first show I have watched from the very first show and have never missed an episode. I make sure my work schedules let me off to watch the first showing, the second and the third lol

  17. if i was able to go to suttons house for dinner the first thing i would ask is why they killed of the prospect lol and then i would ask what it would take for me to be an extra in the show

    1. He actually answered that in an interview once before. The actor (can’t remember his name) asked to be written off the show.

  18. Awsome show, own seasons 1~3, adore Katey Segal since saw her in late 80`s, I envy Kurt; cant wait till next week!

  19. That’s awesome! Love this show since the first day I started watching it! I had to order SuperChannel so I can watch Season 4 here in Toronto, Canada! I would love to be the fan!!!

  20. Congratulations to the cast and crew and thank you for an incredible season 4 premiere! You guys and gals are awesome! Keep up the good work… I’ll be watching! SAMCRO 4 life!!!!

  21. Love the show, don’t miss an episode. But why did Jackson have to cut his hair. Something about a bad boy with long curly locks!! But it’s ok. I’ll survive. Boys has a body of steel… Yummy

  22. Awesome show. Been watching since day 1 and won’t miss a show. Will be an awesome treat if Kurt keeps the promise.