Sons of Anarchy Look-A-Likes

Sent in by Talia Gamble

We asked readers to submit their picture if they resembled any of the cast of Sons of Anarchy. Here’s what we got.

Share in the comments who you think wins the best for look-a-like. My vote is Clay or Juice.

Sent in by Holly Bedosky

Sent in by Daniel Phelps

Sent in by Joe Savoy

Sent in by Amy McDade

Sent in by Michael McClain

Here’s another that was just sent to me:





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  3. And for the record, I had to quit wearing my beanie and I had to shave because of Opie’s character.

  4. This isn’t actually the picture I submitted on a facebook site…Both of those pictures are me, full beard, then shaven, it was a before and after picture. The photo I submitted was a picture of me next to Opie…

  5. WHAT THE FU*%… she is NOT EVEN HOTTER THAN TARA. Get some glasses dumb
    ASS! You suck and I hope you croak…JUS SAYIN’
    Ba-Ha-ha…holy fuck…JUS MO’FUKIN SAYIN’ NIG-NOG!!
    Holmes…”I AM JUST SAYING” and what I mean by that is:
    and add the words:
    It’s what these dumb mother fucking, “Forrest Gump mentality”
    I know it is fucking CHILDISH and stupid but…
    BLESS THEIR HEARTS, they think it is funny.


  6. Juice would probably be the closest. Other than that none of them really look like who they’re supposed to be. That tara wannabe chick is hot, but she looks nothing like Maggie Siff. Hell she kind of looks better than Maggie. lol

  7. The top chick DONT look nothing like Tara at all.But the Clay guy look’s like him.I watched SOA from day one and I feel so lucky to have WON the PARTY in a box!!!I was week 11 contest winner.They sent me a white box with SOA emblems on it and inside is -10 tall glass shot glasses -cup’s -plate’s-napkins-o what else bar towl-and anything to have a party while watching SOA..I even got a bottle opener all the things have the reaper with SOA on them.Its one of the coolest thing’s i have!!!! SAMCRO FOREVER……….CAtEr

  8. Juice omg the smile is perfect, hard to tell who’s the real Juice. Clay’s pretty good, and Opie isn’t bad either. No Jax look a likes, the last guy with the long hair is kind of close. No good Tara’s either.

  9. Definately Juice!! The Opie one was ok, except the beard kinda looks fake. The Jackson ones were ok too. But Juice definately takes the cake.

  10. I wish I could have seen this post before now lol…I think the guy with his gal looks alot like Jax. Opie of course, juice for sure, and yes clay marrow himself hahahahaha, the other jax (one’s by themselves) naaaa I don’t think so. But for sure I could be the real Tara (Terra) Jax girl McBride.

  11. These people look nothin like the Sons Cast Except for juice Having the same facial hair does not make you a look a like

  12. Hi All,
    Here are my Votes in order of Best- kinda…
    Juice’s look-alike For Sure is Spot on! Wow-Awesome!, :)
    Blue Eyed Jax for sure also! (pic w/ chic), They could almost be Twins, :)
    Opie’s look-alike is very Close as well,
    Bobby’s is a good runner up….
    Clay’s….eh not really,
    Tara’s….umm nope! Sorry.
    but For sure, Juice all the way!!

  13. well thats stupid, the “Opie” pic, that is the same guy, he just shaved…neither one of those pics is Ryan Hurst, the actor who plays Opie.

  14. Clay look-a-like has the eyes!
    Juice is dead on with the smile, very close
    Opie is almost impossible to tell the difference!

  15. niether one is Opie! The jax look alikes are pretty good, juice is really good. Tara looks nothing alike.

  16. Clay or Opie for sure,,,,,most of the rest are pretty good tho. Maggie Siff’s double looks the least like Tara….

  17. Opie and Juice for sure. The Tara look- a- like does not have that stressed out look like Tara always appears to have. The others are all good, also. But Opie and Juice have my vote!!

  18. Opie and Juice both bang on. As others have said, the Tara look a like is very good looking, but looks nothing like Tara.

  19. it isnt jax without the straight up A an his is all in the way he frowns and smiles that makes jax the man he is.

  20. I would have to say the closest match would have to go to the Opie look-a-like followed up by the Juice look-a-like

  21. jax, opie for sure. clay not even close. bobby well….tara no way,juice almost if he was a little darker skined,

  22. wierd that ppl want to look like someone else and they purposly try to look like them. Get your own damn look!

  23. The Clay look a like is the best in my opinion…. The Jax look a like submited by Amy is photoshopped

  24. Juice is the best one. Bobby second. None of them look like Jax or Tara. The pic of “opie” neither look like him.

  25. Juice and Opi Real good. .Clay too. The Tara and Jax couple, sorry they do look like wanna be’s which makes it worse for them. But he does resemble Jax. The Tara look alike, sorry NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    My VOTE, Juice!

  26. I def vote for juice! That’s just crazy. I agree, the opie pick has got to be photoshopped! The jax pics are good, he’s just a hottie so there’s no comparison.

  27. Even if the picture submitted by Joe Savoy, is the same guy different profiles, it is a close match to Opie.

    Also, the picture submitted by Michael McClain is a good match for Jax.

    As is the picture submitted by Daniel Phelps a good match for Juice.

  28. I think I Juice!

    I agree with others, that first pic looks nothing like Tara and the Jax and Tara wanna beds need to get a life because they good and well that they do not look like Jax and Tara. Just because you’re a blonde and a Burnett, doesn’t mean you can pull off the Jax and Tara look. LAME-O!!!

  29. I totally think the Clay look a like is the Best, The Tara, not so much, the Juice one, his skin is wayyy to light. Jax ones are ok, Keep ’em coming, this is interesting!!

  30. this is an awesome site, an Id have to say…good pics….I think there is ALOT of resemblance in all of them, well, except for the first one….I did not get to see the show the first season, an had several ppl callin me Gemma….by the second season, My curiousty got the best of me so I watch to see who Gemma was….low an behold….PEG BUNDY….same lady, that back in the 80s ppl use to refer to me as her look alike…so I guess we all have a look alike some where…I am now addicted to the show, an have to say…my personality sure fits Gemma way better then PEG…HAHAHAHAHA….

  31. The opie look alike needs a real opie pic to compare lol but i think the clay lookalike is pretty darn close

  32. Bobby and Juice for the closest. Tara look a like is nothing alike, the black and white Jax is too pretty, Jax with the blue check shirt is close, but never goona be as gorgeous!!

  33. That girl doesn’t look like Tara at all. Her eyebrows look like Nike Checks lol

    I think Opie wins..
    Or the Jax that is in the picture with that girl.

  34. I need to submit a pic of my hubby for Opie. How go abt doing that? And pls put a real pic of Opie up.

  35. Not so sure about the Tara photo, or Clay, or the last pic of Jax, but the rest are def good resemblences…my 2 cents.

  36. I vote for Opie & Juice’s look-a-like! I have a friend that looks a lot like Tara. I will see if she will let me submit her pic!

  37. I think if you compare the pictures long enough, they are bound to look like the other person (except when they are both the same, like the 2 pics of the so called Opie)!! I personally think none of them are that close to the real cast.But nice try folks !!! SOA ROCKS !!

  38. Tara double is pretty but doesn’t favor Tara @ all! Clay is close but would b better if his hair was blonde! The Juice double favors maybe a lil! Now for Opie: good try guy but not only do u not look like Ope @ all but also both pics are exactly the same person just flipped & shaved! Maybe u shoulda taken that pic in a different doorway if u wanted 2 pull off a winning fake! THE BOBBY ELVIS DOUBLE IS THE BEST N MY OPINION ESPECIALLY IF HIS BEARD WERE DARKER & SHORTER! Now on to the multiple Jaxs: the first Jax is the best but would b perfect if his eyes weren’t so BEAUTIFUL blue, second one looks like a poser, & third is SO CUTE but I don’t think he favors Jax. But where’s the rest of the crew look-a-likes? We need a Gemma, Uncer, Tig, Kozik, Happy, Chibs, Piney, & let’s not forget the legendary John Teller! Oh & BTW I would SOOOO do Jax! Absolutely LOVE Charlie Hunnam!

  39. Juice for sure! Tara…not even close! The long haired Jax is super hotttt!!!! …and dude is right about Opie…both pics are of same dude.

  40. as for the others: Tara is a no go, I look more like Tara, and I am not close either. She could pass for Gemma.
    I would say Juice is good, and neithervguy is Opie, not even season 1 Opie…are those guys twins?

  41. The Mcclain guy is trying way too hard to look like Jax..matching shirt and.vest, come on dude. I vote for Bobby.

  42. the first Jax look a like that is posing with a girl really looks like Jax, and the other best look a like is juice…i would take either one.

  43. Neither of the OPies its both the same exact guy look at the background al he did was shave. Juice is a good look alike the first n sec on of the Jax ones aren’t so bad either the third Jax is a ok but he should of kept his mouth closed it would’ve been better. Not seeing it in the Clay or Tara pics though.

  44. I think Juice is the closest look alike. But, like someone else posted, they all wish they looked like the amazingly gorgeous cast! Male & female, theyre all beautiful ppl! Great show too!!! :)

  45. wow! they all look a lot like them but i would say juice is #1,opie #2,clay #3,jax sent in by micheal mclain #4, and bobby #5 the others i dont think r that close

  46. Tara=no way
    Opie=looks faked
    the others are a good try…good resembelances to be sure..but no one can ever be our “real” SOA’s!!!!

  47. OMG these people are all douches to think they look like any of them..puhlease…and thats the same guy in the opie pic…lol

  48. Juice alllllll the way, think the look a like is a little hotter then the original. Terra look a like is very beautiful but you can tell the difference. can’t see the resemblance at all. Opie is a very good look a like even if the are the same guy, he looks just like him!

  49. All of the pics in the middle look like their TV characters. Clay doesn’t, Tara doesn’t and the last two of Jax DON”T at all. I vote tho for the photo sent in by Michael McClain – that is an awesome look alike

  50. JUICE!!!!!!!!! That’s almost dead on!!! The Opie pic is the look a like 2xs, there’s no original pic to go off of…the girl who sent in her look a like for Tara looks nothing like her, Bobby’s is pretty good…made me chuckle. The Jax w the girl is okay…closest to him. And Clay’s resembles him but doesnt look quite like him. :) Juice for the win!!!

  51. Juice and bobby. That is not opie and they did poorly trying to trick us. The girl looks nothing like tara . Clay is pretty good

  52. I think the Opie one (Sent in by Joe Savoy) is the same guy posing twice and just shaved. If its a look alike its pretty good but i think someone is trying to pull a fast one 😛

  53. That’s clearly not even Opie in either pic. It’s the same guy with his beard shaved in the right side picture. And I don’t think he looks like Opie. I think the fake Juice wins.

  54. the first girl does not look like tara she looks better than her i vote for juice clay opie and the pic of the guy and girl for jax

  55. I wouldnt vote for tara. I dont see any resemblance. I do think that Opie and the first clay are pretty on, though.

  56. Clay and Opie are the best, juice would be good but his color is off, the boys to white to pull juice off.

  57. Thats NOT even opie like seriosly its the same guy in both
    Pictures he just shaved his beard on the sides for the picture
    On the right! Look at the background! Its the same door frame
    In both pictures also! And that looks nothing like clay! Juice
    Or jax deffinantly though.

  58. Opie for definite, Clay, Munson, and Jax are really close to the real thing, and sorry have to say that Tara is not even in the ball park as being close.

  59. If that is a real pic of Opie, I would say those two are the perfect match. If not, then my vote would go to Juice.

  60. I’m having trouble picking my #1 from Opie, Juice & Jax. I also wonder if Opie’s is doctored. Clay isn’t bad BUT! I can appreciate Tara’s look alike for tryin’ BUT!

  61. The Jax lookalike is terrible. anyone can DRESS like one of the characters and copy thier hair style, etc. but Sorry thats no comparison to Jax. Bobby and Juice are both really good!

    1. Neither one is real… Both picture are of the same guy. Look
      Close at them. He shaved the sides of his beard of for the
      Picture on the right and the background…. Its the same doorframe
      An wall colors behind him in both pictures.

  62. juice and op for sure and the jax look a like is the best one I have seen yet….but chick trying to be tara HA nice try

  63. opie!! i can’t even figure out which one is really him….i’m guessing on the left?? jax and juice would be next in that order.

  64. @Angie. The girl posing with Jax isn not the Tara look alike. I know this because she is my cousin. The Jax look alike is her husband. I’m surprised he used this pic because he looks more like him in person. So Jax has my vote!

  65. juice or jax.. well juice cause the look-a-like is still really hot. and jax’s look-a-like doesnt look as good as jax 😀 and does tara’s “look-a-like” really think she looks like tara? she’s hot but she doesnt look like tara at all.

  66. Juice for sure!
    The girl posing as Tara looks like the same girl with the guy posing as Jax? May be a couples thing huh?

  67. The pic of the Opie lookalike. Opie isn’t either of those pictures…. it’s two pics of the same bloke. I would vote for Juice and Jax secondly.

  68. In order—Opie, Juice, Jax, Bobby, & Clay. No way-No how does that girl look like Tara. But we need lookalikes of Happy, Tig, Chibs, Kozik & Piney.

  69. Jax all the way he looks just like him…hottie;)….Juice is right on too=) …really do think that the opie pic isnt real fake all the way but good try!!!!

  70. Juice,the Opie and Jax and then Clay. I agree the Tara look alike doesn’t even compare to the real Tara..but all the others are good…

  71. The Opi picture is of the same guy. he is looking one way took a picture, shaved his beard, looked the other way and took a picture. The door way behind him is same, the chain around his neck is the same… all the other pics have some sort of SOA association (except Tara which I agree is a bad match up) except for this one. Bad form.

      1. THe Tara look a like looks nothing like her!! I deff think Juice the most then opie then clay!! I seen better look alike for jax!!

      1. WHAT THE FU*%… she is NOT EVEN HOTTER THAN TARA. Get some glasses dumb
        ASS! You suck and I hope you croak…JUS SAYIN’
        Ba-Ha-ha…holy fuck…JUS MO’FUKIN SAYIN’ NIG-NOG!!
        Holmes…”I AM JUST SAYING” and what I mean by that is:
        and add the words:
        It’s what these dumb mother fucking, “Forrest Gump mentality”
        I know it is fucking CHILDISH and stupid but…
        BLESS THEIR HEARTS, they think it is funny.

    1. i agree but look close its the same guy just mirrored after he has shaved .look at the neck line same necklace he tried but failed

      1. Easy mrs. Hunnam your scaring us lol , ya they do look close relax , besides the tara look alike is hotter and the girl with the jax look alike is smokin jus sayin lol

          1. You guys must not watch SOA very much if you think one of those two is the real Opie. Its both the same guy

    1. Jax Omg they could be bros for real …and opie the same hot look alikes and top girl look better then the real one just saying :-)

    2. Juice and Opie are the closest look a likes, Tara’s look alike looks nothing like her and the pic of Tara and Jacks is more of a want to be pic!

      1. The Tara supposed look a like had no resemblence at all. Jax looked pretty good. Opie, I couldn’t tell who was who. Juice looked kinda close. Nice job guys!

      2. Definitely agree, “Tara” looks nothing like Maggie Siff ………… Takes more than the right hair and eye colour………. My vote is for Juice!

        1. She doesn’t even have the same eye color! The girl in the picture sent in by Amy McDade with one of the Jax look-a-likes looks more like Tara!

          The Clay and Opie look a like are spot on!