Some People Can’t Deal with the Short Hair

Some viewers are having trouble accepting a Jax with short hair. I think I get why they made the predictably unpopular change in looks.

All good actors have to change. There is nothing worse than being type cast. We polled viewers and they overwhelmingly hate the new short haircut. I think they will forget the entire issue after watching one episode of Season 4. Jax will be coming out prison. Of course he is going to change after 14 months. If he did not look different it would be borderline absurd. Short hair fits with the situation.

Anyway, for those of you that miss the long hair…


  1. Long hair on a bike sucks. Jax will look good anyway they cut it. Hope he soes more shower shots. He has a really nice ass!!!

  2. Long blond hair on a man SEXY, short blond hair RUN OF THE MILL. Sexier with the long look! But I’ll be watchin’. Love SOA!

  3. I don’t care they cut his hair. I personally did not like how greasy it looked all the time. The guy is hot and the “dirty” look just was a turn off. I think cutting it made sense since he went to prison and…hair grows, so no worries long hair lovers. It will grow back quickly.

  4. he can look anyway he wants. its jackson teller. at least he’s not bald, that would be hard to take. would still watch every show no matter what!!! watching re-runs on fx every thursday in awe. just waiting for september for season 4. GO S.O.A. !!!!

  5. that man could even rock BALD! He is just HOTT period…I usually like longer hair on guys…but his face & body is so perfect it doesn’t even matter!

  6. Listen who cares about his hair that man is so beautiful it doesn’t matter what his hair looks like

  7. Jax will sill be sexy with any style of hair it doent change what kind of a actor he is

  8. Yes, I miss the long hair but lets face it he is beautiful with or without the hair

  9. Wow! So many women caring about his friggin’ hair….. jax lost my interest when he cheated on his girl with a prosty wanna be porn alley cat… ladies.

  10. Jax is HOTT no matter how long is his hair. I will take him any way…… HOTT< HOTT< HOTT <3 <3

  11. I am sure he will grow it back eventually, it really does suit his character and I cant imagine him without it. Even that mo that he is growing is absolutely epic, thats something that should stay.

    What I dont understand, is the white sneakers he wears? what sort of biker would wear that?

  12. Saw it coming immediately after the end of season 3, it just made perfect sense. Don’t see the reason for all the hate, characters change, that’s what they do. Its life and the show is all about reflecting real life, I’m sure season 4 will rock ass-balls!!!

  13. I love men with long hair and Jax is a good actor but when have you seen a biker in a club with short hair ? most men I have seen have had the beard, goatee, and long hair and lots of tattoo’s. Some men are bald and have hair on their face too. The wind in your hair and the rumble of the harley is what I am talking about. I love long hair men and watching them on televison is a good reason to watch the one program that I look foward to and that is Sons of Anarcy.

  14. REALLY?! I watch the show for the content, the acting, the plots. Doin time changes you. Build a bridge and get over it.

  15. Jax doesn’t need hair to be hot, ESPECIALLY when you see his hiney profile OMG,,who is lookin at his hair? MMmmmm

  16. All this talk about Charlie cutting his hair, so what. This is a show about a biker club and family not a hair style. This is not “Friends” and Charlie and his hair are not Jennifer Aniston and “The Rachel” .Yes he looks great with his long hair, but if that is all your worried about then you are missing out on a great actor and a great show.

  17. He’s fortunate to Beable to rock the long hair and the short not to mention the buzz in GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS! He’s blessed and characters need to not be stagnant…. can’t wait for the new season!

  18. Does anyone know what ever happened to Wendy? I have both season 1 and 2 but it never says anything about her after Donna’s funeral.

  19. I think Jax is sexy with or without hair I just hope that they put in Jax’s sister in the show this season too. I also hope Tara keeps the baby. And my biggest wish is for Sept. to hurry up and get here alreaady.

  20. Ok FYI for those that don’t know. When ur sent to prison they make u cut ur hair. So its fits the story.

  21. yes jax is hot and come on hair will grow back..think about it they all went to prison and prison seems to automatically shave the head so people at least he has some hair and hair doesnt make a man i love the show i love the people not what they look like they are all great actors and the show is hot hot hot

  22. charlie looks good anyway he is . i love the show and all the characters keep on rockin that show

  23. I dont really like the shoet hair but that man looks good in anything!!! So no matter what I wont turn my back on Jax’s

  24. David Hasselhoff???? are you searious?? Have the writers lost their damn minds?? This is suppose to be losely staged around a real 1%er MC..He has to be about one of the worst actors out there and this is who they get to play a role? What is a over acting beach bum MC with blond big boobed girls as back up going to try to take over the gun trade from the SOA? Really this is the end to the show I am affraid

  25. It will be different, but I can adjust. What I have hated has been waiting so long for the new season to start. Really? Why such a long wait? Love the show getting frustrated by the long waits!!!!

  26. Its just about time the show comes back..whats absurb is having to wait to see the #1 show for 14 months. Insted they play reruns of shows that has have been off for years (there is a reason they arnt on anymore) because they “didnt know that the actors would want more money”. But atleast someone got their heads out of their back sides and got the show back on. FEAR THE REAPER! amd support your real local 1%ers in your area..Bandido Nation

  27. You got to be kidding me people he cut his hair for whatever reason but obviously they know what they are doing so why dont you just wait till the season four begins an maybe you guys will get used to it

  28. It doesnt matter how short or long his hair is, Jax is an awesome actor and i watch anything hes in! I especially love SOA!

  29. I don’t mind that he got a hair cut,but can’t you do something about those faggoty white sneakers? no bikers i know would be caught dead wearing WHITE sneakers!!!

  30. well i think is not up to anyone but the rating to find out how the rest of the world feel about his change! i dont care but i like! him with long hair…it brings out the bad boy in him….but for anyone to say is ok is not because i like biker boys and yes they change but they get boring! so lets see if i like it if not well ill keep watching reruns! cuz is keeping a fan happy not what ya as directors think is best for our eyes…i like jax with long hair and well short will be ok if i liked it! well peace out and i hope u dont loose a fan…i love u jax,,,,text me! lol

  31. Thats all these women care about is Jax being hot. Get off it , you make me not wanna watch the show , its bad enough David Hasselhoff id going to be on it dont ruin a good biker show for me please!!!

    1. its a show dude, biker boys? soooooo gurls love that especially one that looks like jax! so sorry hun but i will not get off it,lol

    1. Half the guys I ride with have short hair. They look like bikers you wouldn’t exactly discuss hair styles with. It’s not about the hair. It’s about the riding. Get a Harley, support your brothers, and you’ll understand.

  32. I agree Jax is hot with whatever hair he needs to have. He will always be hot no matter what style. Love your show. So excited for season 4 to start.

  33. I am a huge fan of Charlies..I love the longer hair..its just one of my things..and hes got great hair,eyes,body….as long as he keeps making awesome movies like..The Ledge..I”ll be happy..
    ‘A huge fan of anything he does…

  34. I am proud to say that I am the one person who is thrilled with the hair cut. I understand that personal preferences vary radically, but like you said – people change. Jax has been through so much in this last season and I feel that the hair was a great move. I do not understand how such a vibrant character could in any way be considered “less” without the hair. That is ridiculous. Jax is a badass is a badass is a badass. He isn’t Samson for crying out loud. The hair has less than no effect on Charlie Hunnam’s excellent acting or Jax’s dangerous charisma.


  36. Long hair in prison is just a handle to be grabbed in a fight. Short hair is actually a smart choice.

    1. I agree completely. All these people wining about it don’t realize that it fits the story completely. Plus the man has a kid now (and I mean actually has the kid, like has to take care of it and everything) plus an old lady who’s a doctor, plus possibly another kid on the way.. maybe even a presidency on the horizon ?? time to grow up a bit and put the partying pretty boy aside and be taken a bit more seriously.. besides that actor could shave his head eyebrows off and still be sexy as hell

  37. they made it short cuz they all went to jail!!! his hair had to go for that reason I think…

      1. That is right they will get over it. Like you said hes coming out of prison. Plus, if you kept up with the show, SOA is going to be the main gun runners in Calif. you need a clean cut look, if you don’t want to go back to prision. It just gets better ever season.

      2. Green Street Hooligans was a great movie…i think i have watched it about 5x since the end of last season lol there is something about his walk that stands out…..yummmmmmy!

    1. Agree,he is so totally hot,would do him on pool table at clubhouse anyday,just dont go bald!!