Jax Look-A-Like

We asked Sons of Anarchy fans for their best look-a-like pics. Here’s what we got. Thanks to all those SOA fans for sending us all the pics. If you still want to send us an image of a look-a-like then email james (at) bikerornot (dot) com.

Here’s another that was just sent to me:


  1. there is only ONE Jax, this guy isn’t even close, although if he wanted to spend a little time together I might consider it, hehe!!!

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if Charlie sent in a younger pic of himself just to see how people reacted? Only to hear everyone slam him? Wow no wonder men call women bitches. Good job guys for having the balls to send a pic.

  3. The first guy not even close!! The second guy is a cutie but nobody can ever be as sexy as JAX!!! He is too fine!!!

  4. So, I thought this was kind of cool thing, until I read all of the comments. You women lack class. It was a contest, and both did a decent enough job. Yes Jax is a very attractive man and that’s hard to recreate, but I think both guys looked pretty good at playing the part (which is what they were supposed to do).

    Besides, even if you don’t think they look like Jax there is no reason to be vulgar and tacky. Try getting a man with that attitude…

  5. The first one looks like a chick in drag! I never quite understood the whole wannabe thing. I only wannabe I am is wannabe ME!

  6. Really, people?! It’s a “Jax Look-A-Like” contest!! It’s all in fun! Yes, BOTH men have a resemblance to Jax. This isn’t a Poser-Wanna-Be contest. Geesh!! What’s with all the name calling?????
    Jax IS hot, hands down! Kudos on the photos being sent in guys!

  7. the first on looks nothin like jax!! but the second one looks more like that guy from Thor!! Jax is hott!!

  8. Geez ladies, no they may not compare but they dont deserve to be bashed like that. All they r doing by sending in this pics is showing support and admiration for the actor u so much admire. No need for the name calling and being so judgmental!

    1. @maegan good post these girls r crazy for one “jax” is the poser cause hes not real ladies sorry to put it out there like that to u but…n if he wasnt famous u ladies wouldnt even notice him. Now thats outta the way great(show)love it

  9. Um,. Yeah I actually was gonna say what amanda said, he does look like jax with down syndrome, now I wanna know where that dude saw the season 4 trailer cause until I see it, im callin bullshit

    1. Know any people with Down Syndrome????? both my kids have it and this guy looks nothing like them. Don’t spray around slurs when you don’t know what you’re talking about – and that includes Amanda! I’m guessing you just didn’t want to say “he looks retarded” as that’s ummmm…..politically incorrect, yes??

      1. thankyou, I was thinking the same thing. People who make remarks like that are the truly stupid ones. Downs and “retarded people” are born that way and can not help it., stuipid ones have a choice and don’t even come close to them.

      2. my kid has D.S too and he IS one sexy lettle man – – don’t look like Jax but darn sexy!!!1


  11. Neither one of the look-a-likes do it for me!! Charlie aka “JAX” is a one of a kind hunk. The first one looks like a mamas boy and the other a pretty boy, Charlie is just naturally a bad boy looking guy. HOT HOT HOT I don’t think there is anyone who can compare to him at all in anyway.

  12. Their will Never be another Jax!!! Because when GOD made you he BROKE THE MOLD HONEY!!!! :) I <3 watching the show. I hope it never end's.

  13. The dude with the flannel looks nothing like him. He looks like a hillbillie with greasy hair. The second wanna no even close either looks to yuppie. Jax is way to hot to have a look alike. But like all women and (gay) men think. That man should be in my bed under my covers naked. Cause he is to yummy

  14. If he was trying to look like him just for the purpose of this blog, ok he got it- if not dude grow up and stop trying to be a poser. Your too old

    1. Down’s has nothing to do with him looking like Jax. your ignorant for even saying something like that

  15. The second one is very close! Jax is one of a kind but he is very close to looking like him love the hair !

  16. Not even close- No one is a hot as JAX! Now if you were attempting to find a poser- you are spot on!

      1. Why did he cut his hair! Bad boys are the best with long hair – don’t know why it makes them sexier but it does. Disappointed in the “new” look!!!

        1. He is in the movie The Ledge this summer, he cut his hair for that. He still looks amazing though.