The Odd Love Between Tig and Venus

Venus & Tig – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

I have to admit, I thought Tig (Kim Coates) Trager was odd right from the beginning. This did not mean I didn’t like him because I really did. The show needed an odd ball and Tig was perfect for the part. Although, I found him odd, I was secretly hoping that he would eventually end up with Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal). They seemed like they would make a great couple due to the chemistry they had throughout the first few seasons.

Then Venus (Walter Goggins) came along and shook things up in a way that I would have never seen coming. From the moment that Tig had laid eyes on Venus, I knew that they were going to end up together. It took a few seasons before we would see this happen. I don’t believe that he even fully admitted to being with Venus. Venus would be the person that he would run to once everything went down in the end.

Tig and Venus shared a romance like no one had ever seen before. It wasn’t until Venus felt low that Tig would show his true feelings. He told her that she was the only one to love him despite all the evil he had done. Below is the video from when Tig sees Venus for the first time, the love had begun. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Tig and Venus.

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Ladies of Anarchy: Rita “Cherry”

Cherry 4
Taryn Manning as “Cherry” – Sons of Anarchy

Cherry, also known as Rita, was a “patch over” from the Indian Hills Tribe in Nevada, and was portrayed by one of my favorite actresses, Taryn Manning. She posed as a SAMCRO “hang around”, and had the nickname “Sweet Butt” in Indian Hills. Continue reading “Ladies of Anarchy: Rita “Cherry””

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Gag Reel

Gemma & Jax Teller – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

No season would be complete without a gag reel for each season. The gag reels provide a real look at what happens when the cameras are rolling. It is no secret that it is not all fun and games when it comes to acting. Therefore, sometimes it is important to let loose. This sometimes means messing up a line or not being able to say something with a straight face. Continue reading “Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Gag Reel”

Take a Look At “Inside The Final Ride: Retrospective”

Chibs Telford – Inside The Final Ride – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Here at SOA Fanatic, we love to take a look back into the seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy. During Season 7, we got to see all of the characters grow into their true form, and the actors did an absolutely phenomenal job bring us all of the drama and entertainment. Continue reading “Take a Look At “Inside The Final Ride: Retrospective””

Mark Boone Junior – Detective Turned Biker

PicMonkey Collage
Mark Boone Junior as Bobby Munson

Have you ever watched something and thought to yourself “I have seen this person in something else before”? I did that, although it is common to see some of the same actors, it was odd to see this man play a detective after watching him defy the law as many times as he did in Sons of Anarchy. The person I am referring to is Bobby Munson (Mark Boone Junior). In 2003, he played a dirty detective that later had a conscious in 2 Fast 2 Furious. It was funny to see him in this role as I noticed some similarities between Detective Whitworth (Mark Boone Junior) and Bobby Munson. Continue reading “Mark Boone Junior – Detective Turned Biker”

A Tribute To Abel Teller

Jax & Abel Teller – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

It is not uncommon to forget about the little ones that appear in a show. For most shows, the child or children are not the center of the show, this held true in Sons of Anarchy. It is almost as if the children did not matter because of everything else that was going on. I will admit, Abel (Ryder Londo) was not on my mind the first time I watched the series. That being said, the second time around, I spent a decent amount of time following what was going on with Abel. Continue reading “A Tribute To Abel Teller”

August Marks, A Rise To Power

August Marks & Jax Teller – Photo Credit: FX

Many people know August Marks (Billy Brown) as the number two to Damon Pope’s (Harold Parrineau) empire. He was a very cold person who had no problem doing what was necessary to get his point across. He states to Jax, before a meet with Pope, that he had known Mr. Pope since he was nineteen, showing a long-term affiliation to him and complete devotion. When Damon Pope took a bullet to the head, it was then that August Marks would rise to power. Continue reading “August Marks, A Rise To Power”

Tig & Jax Take Down Damon Pope

Tig & Jax Take Down Damon Pope – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Damon Pope (Harold Perrineau) was a ruthless man that seemed to have no care in the world. He was rich and powerful, he seemed to have everything at his fingertips. Damon Pope was a drug kingpin and the most dangerous and powerful gangster in Oakland. He was the overseer of many criminal organizations and gangs including the One-Niners. He also ran a business that kept him out of the spotlight so that he wouldn’t ever have to do time in jail, like majority of the people that worked for him. Continue reading “Tig & Jax Take Down Damon Pope”

The Most Intense Scenes Sons of Anarchy Compilation

Clay Morrow – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

There are so many intense scenes in the 7 Seasons of Sons of Anarchy that it is impossible to narrow it down and compile it down to a 4-minute video. Here are some that made the cut. The fan-made video below was made by YouTuber KHrize3, they did a wonderful job editing the footage to the Band of Horses tune The Funeral. Continue reading “The Most Intense Scenes Sons of Anarchy Compilation”

The Death of Henry Lin

Henry Linn & Juice – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Henry Lin (Kenneth Choi) was the Chinese-American leader of a San Francisco-based Lin Triad, later to become the leader due to the death of his uncle. Henry Lin had an up and down relationship with the SAMCRO chapter, due to the SAMCRO was the reason or he death of his uncle. Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) had other ideas as far as Henry Lin went. He was not going to continue a good relationship after finding out that one of his own was the reason for Tara’s death, at least so he thought. Continue reading “The Death of Henry Lin”

Sons of Anarchy’s Season 1 Gag Reel Is More Than Awesome


It is common for actors to have fun while they are working. Most of this fun is done off camera, but what happens when the camera is rolling? It can’t be serious all of the time. I have noticed that fans seem to like watching the funny parts of a show too. Majority of the shows I watch have gag reels that have me laughing so hard that I am crying. Continue reading “Sons of Anarchy’s Season 1 Gag Reel Is More Than Awesome”

Jaw-dropping Charlie Hunnam Workout Footage

Charlie Hunnam Works Out For Men’s Fitness Magazine – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshots

We were lucky enough to get a peek behind the scenes at Charlie Hunnam’s cover shoot for Men’s Fitness Magazine. Hunnam graced the cover of the November 2010 issue of the magazine showing off his ripped bare-chest. How could we forget? Here’s a refresher because… why not? Continue reading “Jaw-dropping Charlie Hunnam Workout Footage”

Was Nero The Love Gemma Was Looking For?

Jimmy Smits as Nero & Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller-Morrow Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

It was a love that shouldn’t have happened. Gemma (Katey Sagal) had Clay (Ron Perlman), but there was never any love in that relationship. There may have been at first but that quickly went away when Gemma realized just how bad Clay really was. It took Gemma going through her own hell to realize that Clay was no good for her. Continue reading “Was Nero The Love Gemma Was Looking For?”

14 Photos Of Charlie Hunnam Before Sons of Anarchy

Charlie Hunnam Before Sons of Anarchy

I am not ashamed to admit that I had no idea who Charlie Hunnam was before watching Sons of Anarchy. I heard people talk about him but I had no interest in another actor that I felt at the time wouldn’t go very far. This isn’t to say that he wouldn’t but because I had never heard of him, to me it was a safe bet that he wouldn’t be much of anything in the public eye. Boy, was I wrong! Continue reading “14 Photos Of Charlie Hunnam Before Sons of Anarchy”

Watch The Hilarious Bloopers From Sons of Anarchy Season 2

Katey Sagal and Maggie Siff Joking Around On Set – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Has anyone ever wondered what happens to those takes where an actor will make a mistake? I know I have been curious. Luckily, most shows will put out a gag reel for the fans to watch. Sons of Anarchy was no different, there are a few gag reels from the taping of their show. This helps to show that no actor or actress is perfect and gets it right on the first try. Continue reading “Watch The Hilarious Bloopers From Sons of Anarchy Season 2″

Brutal Sons of Anarchy Character Death Compilation Video

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

If you’ve watched all 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy, you’ll know that we’re not surprised by how many deaths occur during the series. For some reason, it just made us want to watch more. We’d spend all week, from Tuesday to Tuesday, wondering who’d be the nest in the show to go. Continue reading “Brutal Sons of Anarchy Character Death Compilation Video”

Throwback Gallery for Tommy Flanagan

Tommy Flanagan Throwback Photos

Last week, we brought you throwback photos for Mark Boone JR (AKA Bobby “Elvis” Munson); this week we feel it’s only fair to do the same for our Tommy Flanagan (AKA Filip “Chibs” Telford). We’ve often wondered what our biker boys looked like in their earlier years, and we may just keep creating these galleries to satisfy our curiosities! Continue reading “Throwback Gallery for Tommy Flanagan”

Watch This Awesome Fan Tribute To Juice

Theo Rossi as Juice Ortiz Sons of Anarchy – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz, portrayed by Theo Rossi, was a member of SAMCRO, originally sponsored Filip “Chibs” Telford (Tommy Flanagan). Throughout the early part of the series, Juice was seen as irresponsible by Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), and was given only mediocre tasks. Continue reading “Watch This Awesome Fan Tribute To Juice”

Will TBX’s Lee Jones Be The Next Charlie Hunnam?

Lee Jones & Charlie Hunnam – Photo Credit: FX

It has been questioned if Lee Jones, the incredibly attractive Australian actor who portrays Wilkin Brattle in Kurt Sutter’s new popular series, The Bastard Executioner, is being set up to be the next Charlie Hunnam. Is it possible he will experience the same fame as Charlie, being the frontman on a new show that’s already pulled in excessive ratings in only its second week on air? Continue reading “Will TBX’s Lee Jones Be The Next Charlie Hunnam?”

Ladies of Anarchy: Maureen Ashby

Maureen 3
Paula Malcomson as Maureen Ashby

Maureen Ashby, portrayed by Paula Malcomson (also known as Paula Williams), was John Teller’s Belfast “wife”, if you may. If you’re familiar with John Teller’s backstory, as well as the happenings of SOA Season 3, you’ll recall that Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey) discovered that John Teller had an affair with Maureen Ashby when he was still married to her, producing a child, Trinity Ashby (Zoe Boyle). Continue reading “Ladies of Anarchy: Maureen Ashby”

6 Photos Comparing Peggy Bundy vs. Gemma Teller-Morrow

Peggy Bundy Vs. Gemma Teller Morrow

The majority of us recognize Katey Sagal from her early years as Peggy Bundy from Married With Children. For those that do not, let me tell you a bit about her. She was a lazy, bon-bon eating wife of a broke shoe salesman named Al Bundy, played by Ed O’Neill. She was not the brightest cookie in the box and usually did not like her husband. Continue reading “6 Photos Comparing Peggy Bundy vs. Gemma Teller-Morrow”

Sons of Anarchy’s ‘Red Rose’ – Was It The Moment You Were Waiting For?

Scene from ‘Red Rose’ – Sons of Anarchy – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

‘Red Rose’ was Sons of Anarchy’s twelfth episode of the final season, the penultimate episode of the series. Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal) finally meets her long-awaited fate. For some fans, it was crushing. For others, her death came with great relief. It goes without saying that Gemma deserved what she had coming to her. Continue reading “Sons of Anarchy’s ‘Red Rose’ – Was It The Moment You Were Waiting For?”

This Sons of Anarchy Compilation Will Bring You To Tears

Jax Teller Says Goodbye To His Boys – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Richard vWyk, a super talented YouTuber, created this tribute video, The Lost Boy, on January 18, 2015. The song in the video, also titled The Lost Boy, was performed by Greg Holden for SOA. We’ve gotten used to it being Opie’s wake song, and have tucked it into our memories for Harry “Opie” Winston (Ryan Hurst)’s character in the series. Continue reading “This Sons of Anarchy Compilation Will Bring You To Tears”

Who Is The Homeless Lady In Sons of Anarchy?

Homeless Lady 1
Sons of Anarchy Homeless Lady – Photo Credit: FX

As I rewatch the Sons of Anarchy series, my curiosity amidst the recurring homeless lady (Olivia Burnette) is becoming more and more poignant. She first appears in Season 1, as a beggar outside the grocery store, and receives money from Gemma (Katey Sagal), who tells her not to “shoot it into her arm”. Continue reading “Who Is The Homeless Lady In Sons of Anarchy?”

Sons of Anarchy “Gangsta’s Paradise” Music Video

Jax Teller – Gangsta’s Paradise – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

You guessed it, I am still binge watching fan made Sons of Anarchy videos on YouTube. You guys are so great, I just can’t get enough! I came across “Gangsta’s Paradise” by YouTube user Supsi85, and it’s a bit more special to me thanks to my teenage memories of the Weird Al Yankovic rendition of the song. Continue reading “Sons of Anarchy “Gangsta’s Paradise” Music Video”

Katey Sagal On Her New Role As ‘Annora of The Elders’ & Photo Gallery

TBX Katey 1
Katey Sagal As Annora of The Elders – Photo Credit: FX – The Bastard Executioner

Vanity Fair did a superb write-up about Katey Sagal prior to the release of The Bastard Executioner on September 15, 2015, and I am so impressed by it, that I am compelled to share it all with you. TBX is Katey’s 4th major TV series in a 30 year period. Continue reading “Katey Sagal On Her New Role As ‘Annora of The Elders’ & Photo Gallery”

Incredibly Moving Jax Teller Tribute Video

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller – Photo Credit: FX

* SPOILER ALERT – If you’ve not completed the entire Sons of Anarchy series, DO NOT read or watch the following *

I began re-watching Sons of Anarchy this week, which of course, it has me wanting more. I’ve found this incredibly moving tribute video, made by YouTuber GreysALIASAnatomy, and I have to share it with all of you here at SOA Fanatic. Continue reading “Incredibly Moving Jax Teller Tribute Video”

Review of The Bastard Executioner – Pilot Episodes 1 & 2

Lee Jones as Wilkin Brattle – Photo Credit: Ollie Upton/FX

Like many other die-hard Kurt Sutter fans, I wanted to see the two-hour premiere episode of The Bastard Executioner. I watched all two hours, and I am blown away. Reading all of the social media comments about the episode, it appears that with TBX you’re either all in, or all out. Continue reading “Review of The Bastard Executioner – Pilot Episodes 1 & 2″

Kurt Sutter’s Message To Sons of Anarchy Fans

Kurt Sutter Message To SOA Fans – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Kurt Sutter recorded this message for all the Sons of Anarchy fans who are struggling through September without Sons of Anarchy. In the message, Sutter introduces his new show The Bastard Executioner. He gives a shout out to all of the Sons of Anarchy fans and invites them to check out his new show. Continue reading “Kurt Sutter’s Message To Sons of Anarchy Fans”